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How to Choose a Secure Password Wisely

Posted on the 02 February 2013 by Geekybrains @sreekanth_br
Creating a password is 90 % psychological issue. In the other cases it is related to security as they are connected with money (like banking passwords etc.)
Why psychological ?
Say if you love XYZ person.So you keep the password as "ilovexyz" but this can be cracked if the person name is too short. So you need to make a strong password from this sentence only for easily remembering the password.


  • make each word's first letter capital. i.e. IloveXyz
  • add your favorite special characters to the password. If I am using this password then i will turn it as ##IloveXyz##
Most of the time every on-line user will repeat his first password which he gave at the time of beginning his Internet usage.Usually every persons first password will be a simple and easy to remember kind of words only. If he continues to use the same password all the time then there is a maximum probability of keeping your on-line accounts in the hands of hackers. To avoid this you can use a simple trick. Add a word related to the website (where you are creating a password for the account) in your password.

choose different passwords for all your online accounts

choose different passwords for all your online accounts

Here is Mozilla, suggesting you to choose secure passwords with simple tricks.

If you are good at Ctrl+A | Ctrl+C | Ctrl+V  I will suggest you a weird idea!

Say your password is 'password1234' . I suggest you to change it as "password1234password1234". This will definitely increase your password strength.You don't need to worry about remembering it.All you need to do is type your password as you remember and copy paste it again
Other ways to make your password secure and easy to remember

1. Use a password manager application on your PC, or note down a phrase of password in your mobile phone.Make sure you remember other phrase of your password.

2.If you are using Mozilla FireFox(Why do I use Mozilla?) then you can use a master password for all your on-line accounts. At the start of browsing session you will be asked for the master password which will automatically stores all the remembered passwords.

PS : If you are a hacker and if you are reading this post I have something to say with you.
IT'S MY PASSWORD ! My own rules apply  !! This is just a post to give my readers an idea about choosing a strong password."

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