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How To Beat Cancer With Natural Remedies

Posted on the 07 November 2011 by Harvey87 @JamesHarvey87
Every year around the world between 2 and 3 million people are diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer, about 132 thousands are diagnosed with a melanoma and the numbers are increasing every year due to the thinning out of the ozone layer.
The World Health Organization (WHO) says that skin cancer amounts to more than 30% of all types of cancers diagnosed every year.
An increasing number of people turns to alternative non-invasive natural therapies to treat cancer. One alternative to deal with skin cancer, but also to get rid of other types of cancers as well, is a black salve, also known as "cansema".
Black Salve is an escharotics, from the Greek word which means "to burn", made of a combination of four different herbs (bloodroot, galangal, chaparral and graviola) in a solution of zinc chloride. The resulting paste, which is a very dark brown colour, when put on a spot where cancer cells are present, will go through the layer of skin to reach the cancer cells, kill and enclose the malignant cells in what looks like a black scab. The tissue surrounding the scab may look slightly inflamed with a white circle of pus around the scab. After 7 to 10 days the scab will fall off leaving a clean healthy wound where the cancer was. The wound will then quickly heal and fill up with new healthy cells in a very short time.
The success of Black Salve in treating skin cancer has also been documented in a scholarly article published in November 2001 on the journal Dermatologic Surgery by Brown, Goldstein and Birkby. In the article the three doctors present two cases in which the patients self applied the black salve on a basal cell carcinoma and on a squamous cell carcinoma. After the cancerous scabs fell off an histopathologic analysis of the wounds were conducted and no cancer cells found.
My partner Craig and myself have been personally using Black Salve for several years now always with very positive results. Other members of our family and friends as well have been using it on skin cancers of different sizes and in different parts of the body.
Black Salve has also been successfully used to treat other types of cancers and several testimonials can be found on many webpages, as the following one:
Disclaimer: The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only; it should not be used for diagnosis or to guide treatment without the opinion of a health professional. Any reader who is concerned about his/her health should contact a licensed medical professional.
Laura Ancilli (PhD) is a researcher and a journalist. Her life long interest in nutrition, energy medicine and alternative therapies took her on a 20 years learning journey during which Laura has studied, researched and often experienced on herself different healing techniques, from foods, to herbs, to massage techniques, to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).
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By Marcelo
posted on 25 February at 20:23
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There are some good people doing “the right thing” and the others that try to make money out of other people’s desperation and suffering. If you are a cancer patient, please give yourself a chance and try some alternative treatment. Do your research and stay away from those who want money for their secret cures. Cancer cells are produced by our own body and it is precisely our body what can destroy them as easily as it has produced them. The answer is in our diet. The relationship between nutrition and health is a fact that has been known for long; however, it is not well defined which components of our diet are biologically active or how they exercise their functional effect. Nutritional genomics is the study at a genomic level of the influence that nutrients have over our health. Even when there is a well accepted metabolic individuality that prevents us from obtaining a general answer that could satisfy every human need for nutrition, there could exist a selection of nutrients or basic elements common to every individual that are an essential part in every diet. There exist genes that can be related directly with the risk of contracting certain illnesses and it is known that the expression of those genes can be modified by nutrition. Genes interact with elements in human diet modifying cellular metabolism and generating a metabolic change that may be associated with the predisposition and the risk to develop common illnesses. Human tendency to certain illnesses has changed considerably in the recent years due mainly to the changes in nutrition and most of all to processed food. Refined foods that constitute a high percentage of our diet lack many of the nutrients they should contain and with inadequate processing they could even generate substances potentially dangerous for our health. Cooking, canning, storage, freezing and other forms of handling our food eliminate many nutrients in most cases. In particular, enzymes are very sensitive to heat as many vitamins and some amino acids; consequently, processed food lacks that original nutritional value that it normally has in its non-processed state. Enzymes are proteins produced by our body that act as bio-catalyzers that perform structural and metabolic tasks, stimulate or inhibit hormonal functions, regulate physiological response, control the speed and transmission quality of our nervous system’s signals and control waste secretion. Enzymes are bio-catalyzers that allow the transformation of large quantities of substrates utilized in the production of the different components that are essential for the whole vital process. For these processes to occur, every enzymatic system requires the participation of co- enzymes, that is, oligo elements, vitamins and minerals that allow them to fit exactly in the substrates. In contrast with enzymes, co-enzymes degrade with their activity and for that reason they must be constantly replenished. An oligo element deficit could inhibit some enzymatic system resulting in the development of an adverse condition. Find that combination and your body will defend itself against most illnesses. Give yourself a chance.