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Strength Training and Weight Loss; A Perfect Combination by Ross Cohen

Posted on the 15 January 2012 by Harvey87 @JamesHarvey87

Strength Training and Weight Loss: A Perfect Combination
When you need to lose weight, whether it's a hundred pounds or five, you know you need to exercise. Unfortunately, it's often difficult to make that first step. Perhaps you're apprehensive about your appearance while you work out. Maybe you are simply dreading working out that first time. No matter where you are, there are weight loss exercises that will help you shed those unwanted pounds. You know that you could crash diet, or take some unsafe pills, but just by reading this exercise article, we know that you want to do things the safe way.
Before you begin an exercise regimen, particularly if you've not been exercising at all, it's important to consult a doctor. Your physician will most likely have helpful, specific to you tips and strategies. He or she may even suggest some exercises to do in addition to the ones we'll discuss. Plus, you'll feel more at ease while you work out, knowing that you'll be safe.
There are two major categories in weight loss exercises. The first is cardiovascular exercises. Cardio, as it's called for short, elevates your heart rate to a range that is ideal for fat and calorie burning. Furthermore, your blood circulation is enhanced, supplying your muscles with Some examples of cardio include:
Walking Jogging/Running Swimming Aerobics Zumba Martial Arts Dancing Rowing Of course, these aren't the only cardio activities out there-truly there is something for everyone. It's important to note a prolonged amount of time, around twenty to thirty minutes, maximizes the benefits of cardio.
Strength Training
Strength training is the other main category of weight loss exercise. It's also the category that people are most likely to overlook. Strength training, often performed with weights, increases your muscle density and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). What's the benefit to that? Increased muscle density leads to a higher level of calorie burning, even while you're doing nothing! Combining this with cardio is an excellent way to boost weight loss.
Many individuals, particularly women, are often wary of strength training. They don't want to look like body builders! You can rest assured. The types of exercises that would produce that result are far beyond what you'll need to do. Some examples of strength training activities include:
Squats Lunges Dips Pull ups Push up Crunches Of course, strength training's effectiveness is enhanced by adding in the presence of weights, even if they're only the handheld, two pound ones. Here's some further strength training exercises that are done with weights:
Bicep curls Chest flies Deadlifts Bench presses Shoulder presses In Closing As we mentioned before, the best strategy is to combine weight loss exercises from both cardio and strength training. You'll maximize your results that way and lose more weight. You might even find yourself enjoying your workouts because of the variety. No more running on the treadmill night after night! You can add in a number of activities to that treadmill and shed those pounds. Weight loss is undoubtedly a difficult task. Visit for wonderful tips, tricks, diets, & exercises, all focused on getting you lean, toned, & thinner. Article Source: Article Source:

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