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Posted on the 15 January 2012 by Harvey87 @JamesHarvey87

Latest blog for 2012 and a few tips on healthy foods and drinks, and their benefits. Check out my other Health and Fitness blogs, and let me know what you think and any recommendations. ·   Drink BEETROOT JUICE to boost stamina. This stuff is high in nitrate, which widens blood vessels, optimising oxygen intake for extra energy levels. Great for football, weight training, the lot! ·   If you’re serious about fighting against getting cancer then I highly recommend a regular intake of BROCCOLI each week. I’m not the biggest fan of broccoli, or vegetables in general, but chopping them finely and adding them to soups, stews and much more, is a simple and effective way of beating this. Oregan State University research has shown that the chemical Sulforphane, found in broccoli, attacks cancer cells while ignoring the healthy ones! ·   PEANUT BUTTER regenerates your liver! Not just a great muscle-gaining aid then! Research done by the University of Virginia found the effects of liver damage can be reversed by eating foods rich in vitamin E, as they help block the RSK proteins that cause cirrhosis. Peanut butter is said to be one of the best sources, so stock your cupboards now! Next is to antioxidants, and the best foods to find them in. ·   Red Kidney Beans – Studies have shown that these help to reduce cholesterol levels. Also high in the fatty acid DHA, essential for eye health. ·   Cranberries  – These are said to fight against tooth decay. ·   Pecans – Eating these can delay age-related Motor Neuron Degeneration. ·   Wild Blueberries – These little beauties can help you in your weight-loss goals as they’re said to reduce stomach fat.

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