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How to Bake Otah Bread

By Dariel

I am really in love with making bread using my Panasonic bread maker.  Last month, I had tried making the Otah bread buns and my family love it. Below is the recipe for making the Otah bread and it is really easy to make these Otah bread dough using the bread maker.

Bread Dough – Makes 10 Otah Breads

For Bread Dough – INGREDIENTS

280g Bread Flour

50g Butter

3 tbsp Castor Sugar

160ml cold water

1 tsp salt

25g Egg (beaten)

2 tbsp Milk Powder

1 tsp instant yeast

½ egg for egg wash

For Fillings

10 Otah

Mozerella Cheese

Dried Parsley Flakes


1. Add all the ingredients into the bread pan except yeast into the yeast dispenser.

Otah Bread_2

Otah Bread_4

2. Select bread dough no 9 and next press start.

Otah Bread_3

3. After 1 hr, press “Stop “when you hear the beep sound. Remove the dough from the bread pan.

Otah Bread_5

4. Use spatula to divide the dough into 12 even pieces, shape them into balls, cover with towel and rest for about 15 mins.

Otah Bread_6

5. Shape them into desired shape.

Otah Bread_7

6. Roll out the dough, place the otah on top of the bread dough.

Otah Bread_8

7. Spray water on it and allow it to ferment for about 50 mins ( till dough rise double in size at a temperature of 35˚C to 40˚C.

8. Finally, egg wash bun, sprinkle cheese and parsley flakes on top and bake in a preheated oven at about 14 to 15 mins.

Otah Bread_9

Otah Bread_10

For those using the same oven Rowenta OC7868 as me, I had baked those otah buns for 13 mins at 200˚C using traditional mode (top and bottom heat). Rotate the tray when it is left with 5 mins of baking time.

Otah Bread_11

Happy Baking Everyone!


Otah Bread_1

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