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How to Apply Different Foundation

By Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90
hi everyone,
so today i thought i would show you how to apply different types of foundations. If you know how to apply foundation and are quite happy with how you do it, you don't really need to read this.
This is for people that are really not sure how to apply something other than liquid foundation or are just interested in this :D
so the first one im going to show you is liquid and cream, there are lots of different ways to apply it, but this is the way i prefer and get the best results from.
i use a foundation brush, you can use your fingers (but not great for my skin because fingers have oil on them, and on oily skin this is not good!) or sponge (i find that i use too much with a sponge and it also soaks up all my foundation).
how to apply different foundation
so first get whatever foundation you would like to use, ive gone for rimmel wake me up liquid foundation or maybelline dream matte mouse. With liquid apply abit to the back of your hand, or the cream you can just put the foundation brush into the pot.
how to apply different foundation
Then apply most of the foundation to the middle of your face, so on your nose and on your cheeks. This way  when you blend out you won't be left with a line around your hairline and chin. Once you've done that, blend outwards. add more if you need, but always start with less and add more, because then it can look cakey! you can use fast movements to get that even coverage, with light strokes. how to apply different foundation
how to apply different foundation
then apply powder on top to set your foundation in place, it also gets rid of brush marks. volia!
how to apply different foundation
now onto powder, either powder for the top of your liquid/cream foundation, or an actually foundation powder.
how to apply different foundation (yeah ive used alot of it, it is quite nasty)
so a big fluffy brush is the best way. start by loading the brush with powder, till the bristles go lighter. means you have lots of powder on it.
how to apply different foundation
then just swirl it around your skin, concentrate it in the places you want it more, like the places you want to hide more.  how to apply different foundation
A powder always has less coverage than a liquid, even the full coverage ones i have found don't hide anything. how to apply different foundation
last foundation is either a tinted moisturiser or bb/cc cream. They are all applied the same way, with fingers! now i don't really like doing this, as i said i have oily skin, so it makes the foundation come off quicker, its ok for once in awhile, but not every day. i prefer a brush with these, if you want to use a brush for these that fine, just the same way as a liquid or cream foundation. if you prefer your fingers that fine too.
how to apply different foundation
so put a bit on the tips of your fingers, like your middle finger and the 2 side fingers. Just so it spreads easier, if you just do it with one finger you'll be there for years.
how to apply different foundation
start in the middle of your face, mainly at the nose, then spread it across your cheeks. how to apply different foundation
then blend it all out. in circular movements if you want but just blend it so you can't see it on the skin, these have very sheer coverages, so its not spouse to look like you have anything on. how to apply different foundation
and done! it looks slightly yellow on my skin because it is too dark for my skin, please pick the right shade. I hate people that wear like a shade too light or dark on their skin, they just look stupid. Embrace your colour, your were born with your colour, why would you want change? how to apply different foundation
hope this helped guys? have you got any tips to apply your favorite foundations? xxxx

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