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How Should I Work Out If I’m Overweight?

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1
How Should I Work Out If I’m Overweight?

How do exogenous ketones affect glucose and insulin?

The answer to this and other questions - for example, how should you work out if you're overweight? And why am I not losing water weight on low carb? - in this week's Q&A with Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt:

How do exogenous ketones affect glucose and insulin?

I have recently been introduced to an exogenous ketone product/supplement that claims the product is able to put you into a state of therapeutic ketosis almost immediately without the bother of changing your diet.

Is this possible in your opinion? And also what happens to the glucose and insulin produced when you're not reducing your carb intake? The liver would still react to a high glycemic load? Or would the cells prefer the ketones introduced? Your opinion would be greatly appreciated thanks.


Exogenous ketones ONLY give the benefit of ketones in the blood, they do not result in the other benefits of a ketogenic diet, like low insulin or weight loss. In fact, exogenous ketones RAISE insulin levels and they hardly help with weight loss (unless you take the ketones INSTEAD of eating something bad, like a cookie!).

In short, there's nothing magical about exogenous ketones. They may be beneficial under certain circumstances for maximum physical and mental performance, but that's about it.

Andreas Eenfeldt

Working out when one is overweight?

Is there a book or video out there with examples of high-intensity workout for overweight individuals. I've heard that if you're overweight, certain exercises (ex. any that involves jumping) can put too much stress on your joints. Not sure if this is true or not.

I want to start a HIIT type exercise program but I want to do it safely. I have no activity restrictions from my family doctor. I'm lucky my doctor has eaten a paleo diet for years and supports this life style.

Thanks, Mary

I'd be a bit careful with really heavy workouts if you have a significant amount of excess weight. It can easily result in sprains etc. and it's generally not very enjoyable.

I suggest using a dietary change to reduce the weight, and do some light exercise, adding more intensive exercise once you feel ready for it and once the body weight is somewhat closer to normal.

Andreas Eenfeldt

Why am I not losing water weight?

Will diet drinks affect this and/or am I eating too much at one time? I am not losing very much and the scale shows very little water weight loss.

Please advise.

You only lose significant water weight (usually during the first week) if you have a large amount of water weight to start out with, usually if you're insulin resistant. If you're not, if you're healthy and metabolically normal, you may not lose much water weight on LCHF, only a small amount.

Andreas Eenfeldt


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