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How Often Do You Connect with Others?

By Rebecca_sands @Rebecca_Sands

Dinner on Daily Inspiration Board

Connecting during meal times is a must 

Recently I came to the realisation that my dinner routine each evening could be improved. My boyfriend and I would eat with the TV on, usually relaxing and watching a movie. We always looked forward to this time of the day because of the mindless escapism and entertainment. Plus, we figured we were spending time together.

The other day I realised that the only time we actually had time to talk to each other was while we were running around the house getting ready or doing things, or out with others. We rarely ever had the time to sit directly in front of each other and discuss our day – such as you do when you very first start dating! (We’ve been together for nearly four years; not so new!). We decided to try switching everything off at the dinner table to make the time to directly speak with each other about our day, anything on our minds, hopes, dreams, aspirations, to have general chit chat and to laugh together.

The result of tweaking our meal time habits

Since getting started with this, I’ve realised how essential it is to make time to really talk to each other regularly. Not only does it let out any troubles or worries before they peak; it also allows you to connect on a whole other level. When you focus directly on the person you’re speaking with, it brings you closer and fosters a common ground. Previously, we were only really making the time to do this when we actually went on dates (not so often when you live together!).

Small changes can be transformational

It’s amazing how the absolute smallest things can make a huge difference in life. If you are similar and don’t sit down with your partner or family to a quiet dinner each night (when you can), I encourage you to consider and perhaps give it a try. By giving each other the focus that you deserve, and switching off electronic devices, you’re making your evening meal experience a sacred time together as a family. If you live with flatmates, this obviously doesn’t apply to you – unless you want to connect with your flatmate! But it’s something to consider when you go back home, or to a friend’s place. Give each other the time of day and you will reap the emotional rewards.

If you’re not keen to connect with those around you, it’s definitely time to reconsider who you’re spending your time with because connecting with others is truly the most important and rewarding part of life.

How do you do dinner every night? 

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