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How NOT to Ground

By Blessed Self Healing @BlessedSource

How NOT to Ground Indonesian villagers are experiencing a healing phenomenon lately called, “railway therapy” and they are letting others know just how they are going about it. Apparently, last year a man that had suffered a stroke wanted to commit suicide so he laid on railroad tracks waiting for a train to come. A peculiar thing happened though. Instead of dying, the man felt an incredible electric current as the train approached, which made the man feel revived and somewhat healed.
In an article in an Indonesian newspaper, this “railway therapy” occurs when one puts his hands and feet on the steel tracks and gets a low-voltage electric shock as the train is approaching. Much of the community is beginning to believe that this electric flow will help in healing ailments and diseases.
One report came from a woman who had high blood pressure and diabetes for over ten years. She tried railway therapy and reported that she received a great deal of relief from her symptoms-more so than many medications that she had tried over the years.
There has been no official research done and doctors are sceptical of such a practice. There is a great concern for the safety of people who are practicing this type of therapy, as there is potential for serious injury and death.
Though we do believe “grounding” (going barefoot outside) is beneficial in many ways, we do not advocate “railway therapy”.

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