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How Jade Controls Her Epilepsy with Keto

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

In this video, we hear from Jade and her battle on epilepsy. Her medications were making her so ill that she looked like she was slowly disappearing. One day, she got a phone call; it was her sister who told her to try the keto diet as a treatment for epilepsy. And she did. This is her story.


Jade Nelson: I had currently had a seizure and had to switch to a different medication and the medication that I switched to was making me extremely ill. I became underweight and I had a stomach gastritis. I kind of looked like I was slowly disappearing.

About the video

Recorded at The Low Carb USA conference in July/August 2018. Published in February 2019.
Interviewer: Kristie Sullivan
Camera operators: Simon Victor and Giorgos Chloros
Light: Simon Victor and Giorgos Chloros
Sound: Jonatan Victor
Editing: Harianas Dewang


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    How Jade controls her epilepsy with keto

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