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How Does Mars Affect the Way That You Express Love and Sex?

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


Mars in the last couple of days has quietly moved into the sign of relationships Libra for an extended stay of 6 months and it set me thinking about the red planet and it’s role in our expression of love and sex. You know, love makes the word go round and without it in our lives they are much devalued. Mars is the planet of action, it is how we express love and the physical, intimate sides of our relationships and you can tell much about a potential lover just by looking at where their Mars sits and what it connects with on their chart. In this little article, I’ll provide you with an indispensible guide of what to look for and expect in any potential partner before you get involved with them.

First and foremost have a look at your chart and then have a look to see in which sign Mars is sitting and then have a look down the list to see what qualities Mars takes on. To start of with lets have a look at those with Mars in the sign of Aries. Aries is very direct and forthcoming, indeed Aries waits for no man or woman, but at the same time Aries can act before thinking too. Aries loves the chase and the thrill of winning the prize and this will be expressed in the way that those with Mars in Aries shows their love. Expect anyone with Mars in Aries to be very spontaneous, active and maybe to rush a little too fast!! Aries does have a short attention span too so they are very suited to short sharp love affairs and before you know it they will be off after their next target, so you will have to keep them interested by making things fun and spontaneous; remember variety is the spice of life.

Mars in Taurus is the complete opposite of Mars in Aries. Earthy, sensual and never hurried those with Mars in Taurus want to get close to you, to hug, to caress and to touch. This is a very loyal sign, they dislike change and playing loose, and it is one of those that takes a while to heat up and get passionate, but once Mars in Taurus is in a mood then they have the stamina to outlast pretty much the rest of the zodiac.  You also have to realize that Taurus is very possessive too and once they have a hold of you, they won’t want to let go. Just one nice little side note, Taurus is a lover of nature, so if you are in the mood for some al fresco passion…?

Mars in Gemini is the charmer and sweet talker of the zodiac. This is the one who will chat you into bed with his quips and innuendoes and you might find that a speciality of Mars in Gemini are explicit text messages or photos telling you exactly what they want. Communication and love is what this combination is all about so they will often give you a running commentary while you are in the throws of passion. Mars in Gemini is the kind of lover who will play the field, the duality of this sign allows them to carry on two relationships at the same time without batting an eyelid. You will often find that those with Mars in Gemini are very knowledgeable about love and sex and they will be very dextrous too. If you want variety and a lot of joking and fun, this is your kind of partner.

Mars in Cancer is a sign of protection and mothering so there will be a natural reaction here for your lover to cosset and comfort you, they may even want to feed you too. This is a sign of security and there is a chance that he or she may be overprotective and not give you the space that you really need. Responding to the emotional tone comes second nature to a lover with Mars in Cancer, so they will react very naturally to your innermost feelings and what you desire, although their fluctuating moods will affect them too, with them being sentimental and caring one minute, and then intensely passionate the next.

Mars in Leo is in an incredibly warm and romantic position and one thing will be sure, they will always shower love on you once they have your attention. This is the kind of lover that treats you like a king or queen; no expense will be spared with satin sheets, expensive gifts and champagne being given without a second thought. Those with Mars in Leo don’t really appreciate the finer points of love and sex though, they know what they want but subtlety may not be their strong suit. They may want to show off and boast about their love life however they may not be the most inventive lovers of the zodiac, Leo is a fixed sign and they will tend to stick to what they know. The Mars with Leo lover will want to know that they are appreciated, so it is best to let them know that you are enjoying their company lest you will be hurting their feelings.

Mars in Virgo appreciates the finer points of love and sex and this is a very careful and sensitive person to spend your romantic moments with. Nothing will be left to chance, all preparations will be made well in advance so that the Mars in Virgo lover can relax in the knowledge that everything is perfect, including you. This is the sign of detail and he or she will want to know exactly what turns you on and what doesn’t, however in worrying about technique, all these details and about how you are responding to their attention, they may lose some spontaneity in the act of making love themselves. This is also of someone who may analyze you in bed and who may be critical of your own style of loving, so you’d better have a thick skin or be open to change.

Mars in Libra is in the sign of relating so the subject will pay special attention to the object of his or her desire, their only aim will be wanting to please you in whichever way works best. This lover wants to be alone just with you, wants to makes sure that they fully understand you, wants to hear what you say and what you think and wants to know exactly what you like, they will totally cater for your needs and will be anxious to please you fully. In the interest of fairness, they will take the back seat if they see that you want to take the lead as well. This is an unstable position though and if Mars in Libra is not happy, they will instigate change so that they can find someone who they will be content with.  

Mars in Scorpio for a long time will not show the passion and desire for you that lies beneath the surface indeed you may not be aware of their feelings for you at all; they will lay there like a dormant volcano waiting for the moment when that love will be released. When the Mars in Scorpio lover finally breaks loose, you will be surprised by the intensity of the feelings that are directed towards you. For those with Mars in Scorpio making love is a truly emotional experience and nothing will be off limits once the shackles are taken off. These people will often want to take control, the smouldering passion turning into a raging torrent and they will want to find out your innermost secrets and to make sure that you experience them.

Mars in Sagittarius is in a sign that is straightforward and to the point. There will be no playing around here, the Mars in Sagittarius lover will tell you straight to the point what they want and expect, with a cheeky smile on their face at the same time. They have a sense of fun, are positive and enthusiastic and their love of action and exploration will keep things interesting between the sheets, although they may be a little too robust for the more sensitive and sentimental types, and the need for new experiences may lead them into someone else’s bedroom too. This is a sign of friendship, and often they will want you to be your friend before they take things further.

Mars in Capricorn is in the sign of organisation and solidity and you might find that this lover will schedule and decide the times and places where passion will flow. Rather cool and careful (initially at least) they will not show much love and affection unless you show it first, however once they get their confidence up and are aware of what you like, they can be the most astute of partners. Those with Mars in Capricorn will tend to struggle in an experimental atmosphere and will be a little reticent in trying out new techniques. They prefer to stick to what they know and what they are good at, so try not to ask too much of them too quickly.

Mars in Aquarius is in a place of originality, this is a sign that likes to shock, is coolly affectionate and detached, needs be original and requires it’s independence. Put all this together and Mars in Aquarius has a bit of a reputation of going where it pleases to find love and satisfaction. The lover with Mars in Aquarius will want to experiment and try out things that others don’t, this is a person who will willingly explore all your fantasies with you. One thing that Mars in Aquarius will not be able to tolerate is jealousy, and if they suspect this they may look elsewhere for their love partner. This is the sign of free love, so expect plenty of action and a complete lack of inhibition.

Finally I look at Mars in the sign of Pisces. This sign is one of sacrifice and incredible sensitivity and the Pisces in Mars lover will give up their own needs and wants to make sure that you are happy. Love and sex for these people may be a spiritual ritual, one where they will derive the greatest satisfaction when no words are necessary and you merge in complete and utter understanding. It is not easy to read a Mars with Pisces lover, but once you do it will be a most blissful experience as together you escape from the reality of everyday life. You will have to beware though, as those with Mars in Pisces can be deceptive and they may entice you into a secret and illicit love affair.

Now of course, I have simplified things by just looking at Mars and the sign that it sits in. Mars can be direct or retrograde as well. Mars direct see an uninhibited flow of love from the subject and the planet will act as I describe above, but Mars retrograde in the birth chart sees that energy internalised, a situation that can lead to frustration and some inhibition and even psychological problems in expressing love and in enjoying an intimate and fulfilling relationship. Mars rarely sits alone in the chart and the other planets that connect with it can bring extra layers and complexity to the way that we express our love too.

For example, if Mars in aspect with the Sun adds warm romance but also a nature to show off. A connection to the Moon brings extra emotion and feeling for the partner, Mercury heightens technique and communication, Venus adds sensuality, the need for touch and heightens your desire, a connection with Jupiter bring fun and joviality, a need to explore and may bring a desire for excess, Saturn can limit and bring fear or a serious attitude to one’s need for love. Uranus electrifies and creates a need to experiment (in men this can lead to homosexuality), Neptune can bring inspiration and mystery in the bedroom but it can also confuse or deceive in equal manners and a connection with Pluto adds intensity, sometimes even brutality and a need to explore one’s sexuality to the full. 

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