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How Do Talk with Upset Customers?

Posted on the 04 January 2016 by Parbindkumar

How do talk with upset customers?

How do talk with upset customers?

Lise D'Andrea, president and CEO of Customer Service Experts, an Annapolis, Md.- based consulting firm shared some great suggestions to handle upset ot tense customers easily. He advices "The Three P's"

The Three P's means: Be pleasant, Be patient and Be professional. You must consider these three P.

Be pleasant: body language should be very general, don't show aggression, your word choice is very important.

Be patient: Make sure you customer want to talk to you or let him go. Don't show any quick suggestions. "It's really about showing empathy and being a good listener."

Be professional: I would recommend listen clients until he stop talking or saying. "If it's possible to give more than one option to resolve the situation, that is ideal," D'Andrea says. "That's putting the ball in their court to make a decision on how they want to resolve it."

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