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How Did We Get into the Movies

By Myfilmproject09
   How did we get into the movies
I decided to fill you in a little more. Like, how did we get into the real movies. It started way back in 1972 (most of you weren't even born) when I and my wife attended a film course in Banff, Alberta. If you haven't been there, it's an incredibly beautiful range of mountains and a school for music and art -- and film.
Before that I was working at a TV station in Ontario. But it was here where I met Phillip Borsos, a real talent in film. Both of us were among 12 other "students" and we all had to make a short movie. At the end, both Phil and I failed. The photo above shows us, Phil is behind the older woman and I'm beside him
Failed. But from that school, we were the only ones who went on to make movies.
A few years found Phil and me getting any jobs on films here and there. Then Phil told me about a barrel factory he had seen in downtown Vancouver. He wanted to film it since school and thought we could do it.
We asked the owner of the factory a few times but he said no. Finally one day he gave it. We got film and borrowed film gear. Phil worked at the film lab so we would come in the evening and get it processed. I filmed most of it but I was also working at the local CTV TV station and Phil directed and we got someone else to shoot the last bits.
Then we got a great editor but also expensive and we managed to get money enough for editing. Now we had a short film.  But nobody wanted it.
How did we get into the movies
 But what happened next changed our lives.

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