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How Can I Make My Skin Fair and Lighten My Complexion ? BFE Reader Query 001

By Ritujain
Hello all !!
This post is the first one in the new series of BFE Reader queries.A lot of times I have been asked to tell something to help with skin lightening. Fairness and light complexion has been a topic that I have discussed the most with my friends and readers on my Facebook Group, Page, YouTube Channel and on various social media. Hence I decided to address this in a blogpost. How can I make my skin fair and lighten my complexion ? BFE Reader Query 001For the sake of ease, I have divided this post into sub-categories which are:1. Can skin color be changed ?2. If yes then how , if no then why ?3. What can be done to make the skin color appear fair ? 4. How to maintain the actual color of skin ? How to prevent skin darkening/ skin tanning ?Can skin color be changed ?The color of skin can never be changed because your genes decide it. It works in the same way in which our blood group, eye color and other traits work. It's in your DNA which you receive from both of your parents. Just like blood group and eye color can not be changed, skin color also remains the same. Being a science post graduate and having studied and taught biology I can tell you this confidently and you can believe me. Read this if you haven't.Why can it not be changed ?There are special cells in our body which are called Melanocytes and these cells produce a pigment called Melanin. Melanin is responsible for our skin color. More melanin means darker skin color. It  actually protects us from harmful UV rays of sun and various types of skin problems. So, it's actually good if you have brown/dark/tanned skin because you are less likely to be affected with sun burns and skin cancers. This is why people who are white skin or porcelain skin can not bear harsh sun rays for long because they have less melanin and thus they get sun-burns faster than people with brown skin. So, if you are dark or brown, you should actually be happy that your skin has more melanin to stay protected.What can be done to make the skin color appear fair ?Where the skin color can not be changed, people who want to lighten their skin by 1-2 shades can consider bleaching their skin by using either of the organic or chemical method. Bleach lightens the color of facial hair and thus makes your skin look fairer by a couple of shades. I have shared a step by step video to about how to bleach facial hair at home in this video which you must check in order to make it work for  you.

Second thing that can help you with darkness of skin is de-tanning products. Those products will only work if you have tanned skin so that it can go back to your original actual skin color. If you don't want to invest in any de-tanning products which are available in the market then you can check my DIY anti-tan Milk facial at home in the video given below. It has multiple benefits becauseit makes the skin fairer by removing the tan and dead skin cells and also makes the skin baby soft, smooth, glowing and young.

How to maintain the actual color of skin ? How to prevent skin darkening/ skin tanning ?Where you can not change your skin color from dark to light, you can always prevent it from getting tanned. Just follow these simple tips to maintain your actual skin color :1. Always use a good quality sunscreen with SPF 30 atleast before stepping out.2. Use an umbrella or a scarf to create physical barrier between your skin and harmful sun rays.3. Try to wear cotton clothes and keep your body covered when out in the sun.

4. Do not forget to re-apply the sunscreen after 3-4 hours because sunscreens work for a limited time and they need to be re-applied.
Indian cosmetic market is flooded with so many fairness creams just because most of the people want to look fair and companies want to cash this. We all have grown up seeing fair and lovely commercials on our televisions but all of those fairness creams and lotions are big time fails. Never ever buy these products if you want to make your skin fair. Instead, love the skin color you already have and try to improve the texture of your skin. All skin colours are beautiful. Always use the right products which suit your skin tone to look your best. I hope pacified most of the doubts regarding skin lightening and fairness and you will not ask questions like "How to become fair ? " How to make the skin lighter ? How to get fair complexion ? ". I would love to hear from you in the comments. Ask me on any of my social media if you have any queries regarding skin, hair, makeup, relationship or random. I will be happy to help.

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