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How American Dietitians Sold Out to Coca Cola and Pepsi

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1
AND and Coca Cola

Sponsored by junk food

Do you trust what dietitians say in the media? Perhaps you shouldn’t. At least in the US the dietitian could have been educated by The Coca Cola Company.

I recommend reading this new report on the “unspeakably cozy relationship” between America’s largest association of nutrition professionals (AND) and Big Food. In short: AND have totally sold out to Coca Cola, Pepsico as well as candy manufacturers (like Mars foods). In return for money and influence Big Food is allowed to, for example, produce educational material and accredited education for the dietitians of America.

So when your dietitian says that it’s all about eating a balanced diet (including soda and candy) and exercising more, that could be arguments taught to her by Pepsico.


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