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How ADD Can Destroy Relationships, Friendships, and Even Marriages?

By Finallygrowingup @mordechaikashuk

How ADD Can Destroy Relationships, Friendships, and Even Marriages?I work with a client whose marriage is literally falling apart.


They have no money, they are way, way in debt, and they are at each others throats 16 hours a day.

Again, why?

Due to my clients ADD, he has not been able to secure jobs or keep them, and therefore, debt builds upon debt, and because they have both; issues with communication and with his both envying and feeling intensely inferior to his wife.

People who are afflicted with ADD often have difficulty forming and maintaining long term open and honest relationships. ADD is an anxiety disorder, and anxiety prohibits people from making real and long lasting connections.

Therefore they push people away, often feel inferior, and have extremely low self-esteem, if, that is, they have any at all.  ADD can be treated with certain medications, however, I far prefer CBT as treatment over medication any day. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) entails working with an individual to get them to see the futility, absurdity, as with OCD, and/or teaching the individual to cope with the pre-existing symptoms so that they no longer negatively affect their lives.

Marriages can be saved, relationships salvaged, and friendships rekindled.

In order for CBT to be affective, the individual must; a. be aware of their disorder, b. have the support and understanding of their families and loved ones (meaning small group therapy sessions as well, which of course include them), and a desire on the parts of all involved to make a lasting change through cooperation, hard work, and acceptance.

Things will get better!

But, just as everything else in life, this too is a process.


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