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Hot Look On A Budget?

Posted on the 30 May 2013 by Elle @Elle_Sweetest
Nowadays everyone wants to look their best and people are willing to spend top dollar to do so. However, not everyone's budget allows them to go for the priciest brands that are available. So what do we do? We search high and low for the best brand for our buck, this is called; staying in your lane. The huge question is, can you absolutely stay in your lane and still pull off the outfit of the year? Ab-so-freaking-lutely!
You can satisfy your label whoredom by doing a lot of different things to ensure you stay within your budget this coming summer. It all depends on how much you give yourself to buy clothes, how much time you spend shopping, and how loyal you are to particular brands. If your thing is Gucci or Louie then I am surely not talking to you right now, I'll get to 'how to get high fashion for less' at a later date. For now let's start with the basics, coupons. Whilst shopping on the net or in a store for that matter, don't be ashamed to whip out that coupon for $10 off, or for those buy one get one free pair of panties from Victoria's Secret. Speaking of which, here's a tip, if you buy the set of three soaps from VS (Love Spell, Pure Seduction, etc.), which is usually on sale, anyway, opt for the gift bag, which is usually a really cute handbag. If they don't have them at your store then go to the website and they usually have them. Back to the main point, using coupons to buy apparel will save you a lot of money during your retail binge, and most stores offer coupon codes online for those net shoppers. There are also websites like DSW.com that offer high fashion items for less, if you follow them on FaceBook you can play a game on free shoes day Tuesdays for your chance to win a free pair of shoes. Becoming a member also allows you to win points toward coupons and other great deals. ShoeDazzle.com is another great shoe site, it allows you to have your own 'personal closet', you answer a series of questions and they show you items that would be more to your liking instead of scrolling through hundreds of shoes, and I know we've all been there.
When it comes to accessories I would have to put my stamp on H&M; (they have an app by the way). When ultimately trying to find those 'just goes with it' accessories on a monetary diet, H&M; is like a cheap, really awesome, cash calorie saving smoothie! They have a variety of things to choose from that includes an assortment of different styles that is sure to satisfy any shopper.
Let's say its a Friday night and the office sexy guy just asked you to a night on the town, you just got paid and you realize you only have $100 to spend on an outfit what do you do!?
You start with your core outfit! Top and bottom or the dress, let's go with a dress because one piece can usually run you cheaper. Lets pretend we don't know where we are going as of yet so the sky is the limit. Maurices.com offers the belted lace ruffle tube dress for $39. It's a fun dress that says I look reserved but still, I party. For foot wear with a dress you cannot go wrong with a sandal, especially if you end up on a dance floor, try Guess's Calypso Gladiator Sandal for $40. They are practical, comfortable, and sexy. The brown also matches the brown, leather, skinny belt of the dress. Now for accessorizing, WetSeal.com has the white Bow Wrap Floppy Hat for $11. And there you have it, a full ensemble for less than $100 that I call Simple Pleasures.
This has been so Elle*Lo*Quently written by yours truly and I approve this message!
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Hot Look On A Budget?

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