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Hot Larger Plate Hair Crimper Review

By Philamazan @philamazan
Hot Larger Plate Hair Crimper Review I love experimenting with my hair.Wayyyy before i fell in love with cosmetics, i was a hair freak.I've always had long hair since my kindergarden days.And so i learnt to do a lot of hairstyles on myself- firstly because one cannot survive on pony tails for very long time :pSecondly, because i didn't have a sister to experiment on.If i had a younger sister i'm sure she would've gotten fed up of me pulling and tugging on her hair trying out different hair-dos :)
i've made a few tutes on hair-styles while i was in my hostel during my Med school.Of course my junior and roomie were my models lol(i give you my word-No one was hurt in the process hehe)They were more than happy to volunteer for my blog project.
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Hot Larger Plate Hair Crimper Review Today i will be reviewing a Hair crimper from
As usual it came all nicely bubble wrapped.It has 1 meter long wire and 3 plug-socket.
This hair Wavy Irons Will Work On Every Hair TypeStyling From Fine, Fragile Hair To Hair Wavy!Curly With 150 Degress Of Heat.Protective " Positive & Negative Physico-Electrive" (PNPE) Design , So SafetyWidth 1.25" (30mm) x Length 3 " (77mm) Plate For Faster Result.Light IndicatorFirm Grip Handle For Easy HandlingSlim, Compact And Lightweight DesignCord Length : 5.5 Feet LongTotal Length Of Body  : 235mmPower Apply : 170V~240V
Hot Larger Plate Hair Crimper Review THE PLATES-I though the plates would provide larger crimps but they are really small as you can see from the result on my hair.And i need to take really small sections of my hair because if its too much the crimps don't really show up.
Since there is no heat adjusting button , the temperature can get really high.So i prefer to swicth it off once the desired temperature is attained and switch it back again.but it think it  makes the whole crimping really tedious :(Hot Larger Plate Hair Crimper Review PROS-1.Affordable PRICE-$14.75You can buy from HERE2.Portable.3.Lets you create fun crimps
CONS-1.The crimps are too small2.Does not come with a heat adjusting button.3.May not work on those with wavy hair.4.I wish it had removable crimping plates in different sizes :p(But that's just me whining lol)
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