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Honeymooning with a Baby

By Thehoneymoonproject @thehoneymoonpro

Travelling with a baby, Peru

Honeymooning with a baby doesn’t need to be difficult – and it doesn’t have to ruin the romance of your honeymoon – but it does bring up a few extra things that you need to think about when planning your trip. Here’s a few tips to bear in mind when planning your honeymoon with a baby – it’s not an exhaustive list, but will hopefully point you in the right direction to get started

  • Choose your destination wisely There are many fabulous family-friendly destinations out there – so much of the Continent is family-orientated so locals in places like France and Italy are unlikely to bat an eyelid if you bring a baby out to dinner with you, but don’t be afraid to think further afield – Asia is undeniably family-orientated, and you might well find willing arms wherever you go wanting to hold and look after your baby. Equally, some hotels and resorts are adults only, to make sure you double-check that the place you’re heading will accept little ones before you book.
  • Know your limitations There’s no doubt that traveling with a baby is going to be different to traveling just the two of you, and it’s important to acknowledge that. If normally you’d spent your holidays walking from one end of a city to another, taking in museums and galleries and shops, then you might want to factor in a slower pace, or more breaks during the day to rest/play/feed. Equally, just lying on a beach all day might not be quite enough to occupy or entertain a baby. You’ll also have to factor in earlier bed times – though you might find that your baby will sleep fine in a pushchair or sling while the two of you dine out.
  • Consider hotel/resort facilities Travelling with a baby doesn’t have to mean staying at a family hotel or resort, but you might want to consider staying somewhere with babysitting facilities, a shallow pool that’s safe for children, or that’s just generally happy to accommodate families of all ages.
  • Look into renting an apartment/home Hiring a self-catering place can offer a lot more flexibility, which can be handy when traveling for a baby – for a start, you don’t have to worry about disturbing other holidaymakers over dinner, or in the middle of the night if you need to take the baby for a bit of a walk to get it back to sleep. You’ll also benefit from more privacy, often cheaper prices (usually for more luxurious surroundings and greater space) and your own kitchen. Check out Airbnb and for a great range of baby-friendly properties.
  • Check with your doctor If you’re traveling further afield for your honeymoon, speak to your doctor a good few months before you go away to find out whether you and your child will need any vaccinations or anti-malarials to travel to your destination.
  • Take supplies Think about what you might have trouble getting hold of while you’re away – whether it’s a preferred brand of formula, creams and plasters for a first aid kit, or suntan lotion; the latter is particularly important, as young skin is very susceptible to sunburn.
Photograph © Daniel Bachhuber

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