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Honeymoon Luggage

By Thehoneymoonproject @thehoneymoonpro

The kind of luggage you choose will really be dictated by the kind of traveling you do – and the same will apply to your luggage on honeymoon if you’re after something new. Here’s a few of my picks for decent, reliable luggage to take on honeymoon with you.

Karrimor Global Hub

Honeymoon luggage
A rucksack with wheels is my personal luggage of choice – it may not be the classiest choice of bag, but if, as I do for work, you’re staying in a combination of low- and high-end accommodation, and using public transport, then being able to switch from wearing your bag on your back to wheeling it behind you is very handy. I always like being able to get off a long bus journey and hoisting the bag onto my back like all the other backpackers, and then packing the straps away before I get to a posh hotel, and wheeling it in so that I don’t feel out of place. Karrimor are a great, reliable brand, and this Global Hub handily comes with a day pack and also in darker shades if you’re looking for something a little more subtle. £159.99

M&S Value Soft Rollercase

Honeymoon luggage
The trouble with luggage is that everyone has a black suitcase, and so half the time at the baggage carousel is spent thinking that you’ve spotted your bag and then realising that it’s actually someone else’s. I love the turquoise color of this bag (which is also available in pink, red and black), and generally find structured bags with a fairly soft case to be a bit more practical than a hard case, while being a bit sturdier than a soft bag. The only trouble with a light-coloured bag is that it will show up any dirt it picks up when traveling from A to B, but at this price it’s hard to sniff at it. £39.50

Antler Airlight Expandable Cabin Suitcase

Honeymoon luggage

If you’re traveling short-haul, then just taking cabin baggage is a great way of saving time (and, on budget airlines, money) – it’s always a joy to be able to stroll right pass luggage collection and get out of the airport as soon as possible. This may not be the most exciting of bags – but then how exciting does luggage get? – but it’s practical, sturdy, and looks smart. Plus, best of all, it’s expandable (always good to know you have extra room to buy things while you’re away), and has a front pocket, which always comes in handy for storing those bits and pieces you might want easy accesss to before or during a flight. £145

Cath Kidston British Birds Wheeled Holdall

Honeymoon luggage
I’m rather fond of the print on this Cath Kidston bag – it’s nicely bold to stop it (as some of her prints are) from being a little wishy-washy, but it’s also a lot of fun and bound to make you feel ready for a holiday just from looking at it. It’s surprisingly large (you can’t really tell from the photo), and the wheels make it easy to maneuver – plus you can bet you won’t struggle to find it on the baggage carousel. Unless you’re backpacking, or traveling in country or for a weekend break, then I think that wheeled luggage is a must – but it’s also good to choose something that’s easy to move around when you’re not wheeling it about, and this definitely fits the bill on that front. £110

Photographs courtesy of Karrimor; M&S; John Lewis

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