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Honestly, Normal Service Will Be Resumed Shortly

By Davidduff

Yes, I'm back in 'God's little acre', well, about 0.03 of an acre actually, but you see, whilst we were away we had our kitchen/diner repainted which meant the mass removal of a thousand and one possessions to other rooms in the house and all of which must now be returned to their original places. At least I had the wit to take photos of the various items that adorn the walls so I should get that bit of it right. Whilst attempting that, of course, I am fighting for space with the 'Memsahib' who, as I type, is on the fourth load of washing. This does not improve my grumpiness because, of course, in this house I am the chief ironer and the thought of all those mountains of laundry does not improve my temper. Anyway, dear reader, do not give up on me, normal service will resume later today with a post on the political tremor which has broken so much crockery here and in Europe.

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