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Homemade Pizza

By Synzmemoir @synzmemoir
Homemade Pizza I plan to make a Deviled egg last weekend for some Halloween treat, but my uncle died and I got no time to make one. So for now, let me share this beautiful homemade pizza we make last month. 
Homemade Pizza For our pizza we need: loaf of bread, hotdogs, red bell pepper, tomato, pineapple tidbits, quick melt cheese and the secret ingredient to make it taste like an italian pizza--- is the Italian Pizza Sauce. 
Homemade Pizza I love making this for snacks. Its easy, convenient and you can add anything on it. I mean ANYTHING! :)
Homemade Pizza Before putting on some Italian pizza sauce on your bread, make sure you toast if for 2-3-minute. Just until it makes the bread a bit crispy. Toasting the bread before putting the sauce prevents the bread from absorbing the sauce. 
Homemade Pizza Add all the toppings you want. Add cheese, hotdogs, tomato, red bell pepper and pineapple tidbits. 
Homemade Pizza Toast it for another 3-minute or until cheese melts. I'm glad my cousin lend me this precious oven toaster. I wouldn't have made these delicious homemade pizza.
Homemade Pizza Take out your pizza from the toaster and serve! My cousins and Nephews enjoy these. I'm pretty sure you'll also gonna love it. 
Homemade Pizza Recipe Ingredients: 
  • 8pcs loaf bread slices
  • hotdog (slice thinly)-- as desired
  • tomato (slice thinly)-- as desired
  • red bell pepper (chopped)-- as desired
  • pineapple tidbits-- as desired
  • quickmelt cheese (grated)-- as desired
  • Italian Pizza sauce

  1. Toast or bake the loaf bread slices for 2-minute.
  2. Spread Italian pizza sauce on top of the bread, top with cheese, hotdog, tomato, red bell pepper and pineapple.
  3. Toast or bake for another 3-minute or until cheese melts. Serve!
Homemade Pizza ღ ღ ஐ Makes 8 servings  ஐ ღ ღ

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