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Destress with Minigames at

By Ireviewuread
Destress with Minigames at

Remember the times where you're in the school computer lab, playing minigames in secret as your teacher screams her lungs out in front? Those games are not only a great way to kill time but the multiplayer games allow you to bond with your classmates as well.

These days, it seemed like minigames like this does not exist anymore. The storylines are getting longer as the gameplays can last from hours to even months for some games. Although that means you don't have to buy games that frequently, it also means that your gaming addiction would not be cured anytime soon.

Destress with Minigames at

Free Short Games at

That's where comes in to brighten your day in less than 15 minutes. With over a hundred games for you to choose from, offers short games of all categories for you to enjoy in a few minutes. The best part is, they're all FREE.

Destress with Minigames at

No Downloads Required

Aside from being F2P (Free to play), these games do not require any downloads. That means more free space for your computer. You can also play the games on the page you selected or as a standalone web app.

Destress with Minigames at

Available on Mobile

The games on are not desktop restricted. They are free to play on mobile as well. You would not get any lag or any coding issues when you play on a web browser on your phone. In fact, some of the games even allow full screen rotated playing.

This makes it perfect for destressing on the go when you're waiting for the bus or your food.

Destress with Minigames at


With various new games added daily, you can expect hundreds of games to choose from. That is where the categories section at the bottom of the page comes to play. have games from a variety of categories for you to choose from. Some of the categories include music, shooting and even Mr Bean. There are also 2-player games for you and your partner to enjoy while you both are in the same room. These 2-player games require both of you to share the same keyboard - an act that triggers the memories of your childhood.

Speaking of memories, does this catchphrase sound familiar to you: What's up, Doc?

Destress with Minigames at

Retro Throwback

Does anyone remember the cross-dressing rabbit dancing to classical music? Yes, I'm talking about Bugs Bunny, the witty and sarcastic bunny that we all love.

Now we can watch him troll Elmer on our screens again. But here's the catch, this time, we're the bunny. Do you think you would be a better rabbit than the king himself? Well, you can find out in a series of Retro Throwback games.

An interesting thing that I noticed about the games on is you get fun facts like this below the games:

Destress with Minigames at

Who knew? Bugs Bunny was merely Elmer's Pet Rabbit that infuriates him at that time. You can play Carrot Chase here.

Destress with Minigames at
Destress with Minigames at

LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect City Simulation Game

Destress with Minigames at

One of my favourite games on the site has got to be LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect City Simulation Game. This game incorporates my love for building, designing and digging in one. All you have to do is dig up LEGO bricks, build LEGO buildings and collect the coins. After you've filled up one city, you move to the next and so on.

I like how there's a mini guessing game in this city simulation game, allowing you to draw the LEGOs by chance. A gameception, I must say.

Destress with Minigames at

Such simple games are great for you to relax and not stress about the 'perfect' game progress that we want to achieve in our playthrough. A game where we finally play to relax and not to win it all.

Instructions Provided for Every Game

What I like about is how they not only include an easy-to-read point-form summary of the game but they also include the instructions at the bottom of every game. Aside from the instructions, there is also a section on the game controls.

Playing Games are Not That Bad

Although games could be addictive and 'distractive' to our daily lives, I feel that short games like these can also trigger the release of dopamine, without resulting in gaming addiction.

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