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Home Remedies for Piles

By Dietilicious @Dietilicious1

Do you fear passing stools in the morning thinking about the pain and blood in it? Do you avoid sitting on the chair? Do you feel week all throughout the day? These are all the common symptoms faced by those who suffer from Piles. The main cause of Piles is Constipation. Here is a list of Food that helps cure Piles naturally -


1. Buttermilk - Take a glass of it empty stomach in the morning with ½ tbs of dry ginger powder in it.


2. Amla - Grate one amla and take it with lukewarm water at any time of day. It is Vitamin C rich food which helps in preventing excessive loss of blood from the pile masses.


3. Legumes - They help in curing constipation, the major cause of Piles as they are rich in fiber and thus help in easy bowel movement by not sticking to intestine walls.


4. Coriander Seeds -Boil one and half glass of water with 1 tbs coriander seeds. When the water remains up to 1 Glass then drink it. It works in Piles by cooling the intestine from inside and thus prevents bleeding.


5. Bottle gourd -Grate one small sized bottle gourd and mix it in 2 cups of curd along with mint leaves, a pinch of rock salt. It again cools the system from inside and thus helps in bleeding.


6. Water -Take atleast 7-8 glasses of water everyday so that it provides the medium for waste material inside the intestines and thus does not rub against the mucus layer of the skin whose irritation causes bleeding.


7. Raw fruits and vegetables - Take raw fruits and vegetables in the form of salad or juices. If taking them directly then take them with skin as then they are rich in fiber which helps in proper bowel movement and thus preventing constipation which means ultimately help the piles’ patient.


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