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Home Investments To Make When You’ve Come Into Some Money

By Heather Hahn @HeatherHahnn

Coming into some money unexpectedly can be one of our life’s little joys. Perhaps it is an investment fund that has suddenly come through for you. Or, maybe you have paid too much tax and you have been issued with a rebate. Whatever it is, it’s safe to say that most of us quite like getting that letter in the mail! The first thing that comes to mind is what to spend it on. Chances are a whole hoard of things go through your head. Most people tend to put some aside for their children, and then perhaps treat themselves to a couple of personal items – after all, everyone deserves to be spoilt from time to time. But if even after that you still have a sizeable amount of money left, you might want to consider investing it in your property. This can be beneficial for two reasons. Firstly, your home might be due for an upgrade, and you will feel happier in your property if it looks and feels fresh. Secondly, it is an absolute must-do if you are planning on selling your home in the near future. Here are the top picks on what to invest your money on when it comes to your home.


Image sourceRoofing When you hear the words ‘home improvement’ you probably don’t think about your roof – don’t worry, not many people do! But when you have come into a good amount of money, sometimes it can be best spent on practical things like this. Plus, doing so will mean you lessen the risk of any damage happening in future, which could end up costing you more money. Considering hiring professional roof repair contractors who will be able to advise you on the health of your roof and whether it needs any work doing to it. Chips, cracks and the growing of algae on your roof are surefire signs that you may need an upgrade.


Image sourceYour kitchen As well as being the biggest money-making in terms of selling your property, the kitchen is also the family hub. It’s where everyone spends a lot of their time and if you are a keen cook, you probably spend more time in there than anyone. This is why it is vital that your kitchen is built around you, and not the other way around. Take into account the ‘triangle rule‘ when refitting your kitchen. The cooker top, the sink and the fridge should all be within easy reach of each other for optimum practicality.


Image sourceCouchesOne of the most expensive pieces of upholstery we can buy is a couch. As we use them nearly every day, they can quickly become worn. Plus, if you have pets or small children, they can easily become damaged due to clawing or general spillages. But many of us put off getting a new couch or suite until we absolutely have to, seeing as it is such a hassle. If you have come into some money, it may be worth investing in a new suite now, even if your current sofas are still looking okay. This way, you can sell your current suite second hand, thus making money, and still have a great replacement that should last you for around eight years, depending on the material.

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