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Hills x 6

By Khourianya @khourianya
Since I had a team lunch yesterday, I made up my hill workout at lunch today.
and while there's not much to say about the actual run...I pushed.  Hard.   After a disappointing finish on Sunday - I need to really put in my weekday work so I can blast my goal at my redemption 5k.
Me - as a sweaty mess when I was done.  And YOUCH does it ever hurt when you get sweat in a teeny little head wound...Just saying. Hills x 6
Stretching...oh so good... Hills x 6
What Nike saw: Hills x 6
Hills x 6
Hills x 6
Just a note - those hills get longer and steeper as the workout wonder it looked like I was seriously slowing down...
and now for the big news...I scheduled my redemption 5k.   On April 21, I will be running the 5k at the Spring Trio (Thanks to Leana for the suggestion).  I need a flat and hopefully dry 5k course.  It may not be exciting, but I just really need to mentally get this under my belt.

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