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Highlighting the Astrological Reasons Behind the Turkish Military Jet Shooting.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Turkish Air Force F4

Astrological smoke and mirrors in the skies clouded the shooting down of a Turkish military jet into the Mediterranean Sea just off the Syrian coast on Friday. To be truthful, I had been waiting for a dramatic event to happen in the world having looked last week at the planetary movements and the Syrians and Turks didn’t let me down. In an unprovoked action, a Turkish jet seemed to stray close to the Syrian mainland and without warning, Syrian anti aircraft guns blasted the Turkish F4 jet out of the sky.

Turkishjetshotdown natal

Here we have the chart of the downed jet. Mars the planet of force and of the military sits on the ascendant quindecile to Uranus in the 7th house of foreign relations and disputes (this is a mundane chart). Uranus is also making a quindecile to Saturn, the planet of authority making a very stressed arrowhead or Yod type structure. This Uranus was being very stressed as it was also at the point of t-square formed by an opposition between the Sun and Pluto (issues of control here over land – Pluto in the 4th of territory and the Sun in the 10th of administration and government). Harsh Saturn makes a square to Mercury, the planet of transportation highlighting the fact that this was a serious incident involving a vehicle (military plane). With Jupiter and Venus clamped around the South Node here in an unfortunate international (Jupiter) dispute requiring a lot of diplomacy (Venus).

Jupiter Mirfak

Looing at the position of the planets in relation to the stars, in the past week Jupiter had been conjunct fixed star Mirfak which sits in Perseus the warrior. Connections between these two often bring on times of military action. I will repeat exactly what I wrote on 10th June.

“There is one more conjunction that begins on 17th June as Jupiter conjuncts Mirfak in Perseus until 24th June. Mirfak is a decisive star in the young warrior Perseus who in Greek mythology was seen as the conquering hero who saved Andromeda by cutting off the head of the Medusa which he holds in his hand (represented by the star Algol). This is a headstrong star which can reflect bold but possibly rash action being taken. Now Jupiter has international connotations and in the skies Jupiter will be square to Neptune at the time of this connection. Will bold or rash international military action be taken now?”

Mars on 22nd was conjunct the fixed star Alkes which is the most prominent star in the constellation Crater, the cup which sits on the back of the Hydra which protects it. The Greeks believed that Icarus stored his sacred wine in the cup, and in many cultures and religions the sacred and holy cup or goblet holds deep symbolism. Here we have something precious to the people that we have to look after, seen through the main star here Alkes. Now when Mars conjuncts Alkes, we have active even forceful protection which is activated. At the time that the Turkish jet came close to Syrian territory, their forces protected their sovereignty and land in a decisive Martian way, by shooting it out of the sky.

You would think that this is a cut and dried case of one country acting against another, but the Neptune square to Jupiter Venus and the South Node as well as the Pluto Sun Uranus and a trine between Neptune and the Sun makes me think that there is much more to this situation than meets the eye. Whenever you get Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto heavily involved in a major world incident, I think of smoke and mirrors, international secrets, underground knowledge, power plays and use of control, deception, hidden agendas and things going on at a deep, deep level. Something is going on, that we as the majority of the general public of the world are not aware.

I am uneasy about this incident, happening as it did on the cusp of the first of the seven exact conjunctions of Pluto and Uranus. Often on a first connection of an aspect, you don’t get the full impact of what will eventually transpire. This, I believe is the first act in a play which has many episodes to run. I will leave you with this thought. Do you believe with the locational technology available in the cockpit under the control of any military jet pilot today, that the Turkish jet pilot would make such a mistake as to go into Syrian airspace by mistake, and without prior authority to do so? The dance of Pluto and Uranus in the heavens, an aspect that will shape our world for the next three years, has just begun.

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