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Hey Dad, Why Do Only Liberals Make Movies? First Answer i...

By Myfilmproject09

Hey dad, why do only liberals make movies?

Hey dad, why do only liberals make movies? First answer i... 
First answer is - they're the only ones who write stories.
Second answer is - because conservatives don't have stories.
Okay, so some of you are probably crying unfair. But for the most part it is true. There are some writers who write screenplays, but I truly don't know one. My ex whom I hadn't seen in 26 years or so asked the question. Seems she turned conservative.
Easy answer: One day I was walking with a conservative real estate friend here in Sherman Oaks and he was talking about his sales and I suddenly looked up at the sky and pointed five criss-crossing con trails from passenger jets 35,000 feet or more above.
He looked at me and at the trails and replied "So what."
Get it?
I already was thinking about a story with con trails or alien "chem trails" as some people think that they are dropping chemicals on us.  
I actually shot some photos, I'll post one later.
And yes, I am a liberal, as they say. And like I said before I don't really think I know a conservative writer. There are conservatives directors for sure, Clint Eastwood for one, and he makes good movies... on budget too. 
Another writer/director is John Milius is kind of conservative, and he wrote and directed The Wind and The Lion, one of my favorite movies. He also wrote for Apocalypse Now
Hey dad, why do only liberals make movies? First answer i...for very liberal Francis Coppola. There's also David Mamet, again a really good writer.
 Last afternoon I caught "Good Night and Good Luck", a really good movie about the McCarty hearings looking for communists in the early 1950's. For those who don't know, it was after WW11 and Americans, in fear again, believed there were communists all around us.
And in an interesting way, it was very similar to Donald Trump, in fact it was exactly like Donald Trump. Instilling fear into 1950's Americans, which isn't hard.
The story is simple the "junior" senator Joe McCarthy was telling Americans that communists were everywhere. Incidentally, this fear also went through the movie industry.
Hey dad, why do only liberals make movies? First answer i...You could see that movie now, it was up for an Oscar, Trumbo, for Dalton Trumbo who had passed away some years back.
Truth is, there were communists in the movie industry and a lot of actors and writers and directors were banished, some died, some kept working. You probably know the story. But being a possible communist was still better than a conservative writer. 
There's actually conservative groups who are saying that discrimination is common for conservatives. They even have a term, "political ideology." And this comes from two really old conservative writers and producers, Lionel Chetwynd and Norman Powell.
They even have a book "Primetime Propaganda: The True Hollywood Story of How The Left Took Over Your TV."
So what do I think?
Well, in 30 years of writing I have not ever had an argument with a conservative writer, in fact I don't even know a conservative writer. I never ask what side or religion a person is at all. There's only one thing that matters.
The writing.
Strangely enough, there are some notable actors that are right wing, Eastwood is sort of right but not really pure. There's Kelsey Grammer, who certainly did well with left wing writers. And Tom Selleck, although he seems to waffle a little.
I have conservative friends and we rarely argue about anything political, most of the time.  But I don't really know a working right wing writer but I do know facist writers who are just funny rather than anything else, wishing for the old commie days...
Still the only thing that matters... is the writing. 
Here's your test.  
Hey dad, why do only liberals make movies? First answer i...
Good Night and Good LuckAnd don't check your phone.

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