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Here We Go again...Another Debenhams Beauty Sale

By Tokkiandoliver @tokkiandoliver
I am the first to openly admit that I am a sucker for sales.  I guess I'm a Marketing Director's target, as I always wait until there are sales in order to purchase anything beauty related.  It is super rare that I buy anything on a whim.  Here we go again with Debe's newest beauty sale.  It's nothing new, but here are the details.
10% off anything, plus an additional 500 bonus points with any purchase over £40 (remember this has to be one transaction) and then an additional 500 bonus points with £40 worth of items from a select few brands.
Here we go again...Another Debenhams Beauty SaleI have my eye on the new Guerlain highlighter, so I'm going to decide today whether or not to bite the bullet and purchase it.  I'm only hesitant to buy it as I just won the Cruel gardenia highlighter off of ebay (for under retail)!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like I'm becoming a Guerlain highlighter collector.
Sale ends June 17th, but if you miss it, I'm sure there will be another one, so not to fret my dears. is going to be an easy day as I am working from home today.  I got a ton of spring cleaning to do (what's up with this awesome weather UK folks? Today is divine!) and a ton of catching up to do with emails and such.   I feel like I'm just worn thin in all aspects of my life, but I rather be busy like this than bored :)
So who's taking advantage of the sale? What's on your shopping list?

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