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Hello! Hello! I'm Not Hearing Anything!

By Davidduff

Look, I know my hearing isn't quite what it used to be but the silence from the Republican party 'over there' is deafening!  Roger Simon at PJ Media puts into words what I have been sensing for some considerable time:

Given the current state of the USA, Republicans should be winning every election from Seattle to Key West.  The economy hasn’t moved for years with the labor participation rate at record lows — people have given up – and bankruptcy over entitlements looming.  The international situation is in free fall with China becoming the global power, Iran making a mockery of faux negotiations and Putin on the way to reconstituting the Soviet Union.  Al Qaeda is not only alive, it’s growing.  (GM is dead.)  Optimism about our country is in the proverbial toilet. More Americans feel threatened by their own government than proud of it.

Republicans should be winning by acclimation for every position from dog catcher to president.

But they’re  not.  And you don’t need Strother Martin to tell you why – it’s a failure to communicate.

I'll go that far with Mr. Simon, a usually shrewd observer, but I do think that the message you communicate is just as important as communication for its own sake.  So far, I don't see or hear a clear voice proposing a well-honed set of ideas to rectify the wasteland created by a degenerate and destructive Democrat party.  It seems to me that the 'good ol' boys' who sit on the sacks of money at the top of the GOP are totally bereft of any new ideas, or even any old ones that once worked so well for Ronald Reagan.  Instead they continue under 'Rove-control' to attack the Tea Party who have, hidden somewhere inside their ranting and ravings, some absolutely right, and Right, ideas but are incapable of expressing them coherently.

The Republican party needs to pick a runner for 2016 as early as possible and then get behind him or her because 'HillBilly' will be a difficult opponent - not unassailable but still formidable.  Failure to hold the House and take the Senate this year, and then lose to 'HillBilly in two years will, I fear, spell the decline of North America to South American standards.


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