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By Lotionsandpotions @LotionNPotion
The dreaded first post eh? What to write?
Well, I might as well start by telling you a little bit about myself! My name is Grace, I'm 23 and I live in Leeds. I'm originally from London, but I came to Leeds for University (Classical Civilisation degree) and never left! I blame this mostly on my boyfriend as he asked me to move in with him when I graduated and he was already settled here. I really do like Leeds though, it's not too big and not too small - Goldilocks' perfect sized city!
I'm pretty new to the blogging world, having only discovered  beauty blogs about 2 weeks ago. Now, I have a pretty unhealthy obsession with beauty products and could spend hours in Boots and Superdrug, so I was thrilled! Finally, people who were just as obsessed with beauty products as I am! I'm sure I've bored my workmates silly by going on and on about my new favorite ones. In fact it was one of them who suggested that I started my own beauty blog - so here I am!
My particular weakness is always going to be skincare. If it promises to make my skin clearer/brighter/softer/generally better then I have to try it. It helps if it smells good and looks nice on my dressing table or in my bathroom!
I have quite dry skin that's prone to eczema so I have to be careful which products I use. There are some that I have learnt to avoid completely! I'll definitely be blogging about any particularly good products I discover. Anything containing Sodium Laureth Sulphate or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is out.
If you have similar skin, let me know if you've discovered any miracle products!
Having said that, I'm pretty interested in make up and hair care products too so there should be a fair amount of that thrown in!
Ok, well, I think that's about enough for now - I'm boring strangers instead!

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