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Health Benefits of Tuvar Dal

By Pshinde2109 @pshinde2109

Tur Dal is commonly known as the toor dal, tuvar dal or arhar dal. Skinned and split toovar dal is the most widely-used form of the lentil. In Vegetarian Indian cooking, it provides the requisite proteins for a balanced meal. These yellow split peas can be made into dal which is served with side dish of vegetables, rice or flat breads, which we call as Dal Tadka , Dal fry, Tuvar Dal, sambhar, etc.

Health Benefits of Tuvar Dal

The split lentil (tur dal) is slightly sweet, having nutty flavor, easily digestible and absorbs the flavor of other spices quickly. They take a little longer to cook than moong Dal. When this dal is combined is combined with rice, a complete protein is gained.This Tuvar dal can be known with different names in different region of country or world.

Toor Dal,
Toovhar dal
Tuvar dal,
Arhar dal,
Split pigeon pea,
Split Red gram,
Tovar dal,
Tur dal,
Thuvaram paruppu,
Kandhi pappu

Health Benefits of Tuvar Dal

1.Toor dal is also an excellent source of carbohydrates, which your body needs for energy.Legumes such as toor dal contain complex carbohydrates, which are recommended because of their increased

2.It provides many of the nutrients your body needs, such as protein, fat,fiber and carbohydrates.It is very nice source of protein in Indian Cooking specially Vegetarian.

3.It also has a good amount of iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and B vitamins.

4.It is high in dietary fibre, low in saturated fat, and cholesterol free.

5.Toor dal contains folic acid, an important vitamin for all women especially those planning to become pregnant.

6.It cures cough, poisoning effect, gas troubles, acidity, stomach pain and piles.

The nutritional value for 100 g of edible uncooked portion are:

Energy: 335 Kcal
Fibre: 1.5 g
Carbohydrate: 57.6 g
Protein: 22.3 g
Fat: 1.7 g
Calcium: 73 mg

Health Benefits of Tuvar Dal

1.Tuvar Dal can be used as soaked in water for 1-2 hours or cooked with water in pressure cooker for 10 minutes.

2.Cooked Tuvar Dal combined with Indian spices is generally served with roti and rice.

3.Tuvar Dal can be cooked with rice with some spices, generally known as , Turichi Khichdi in Maharashtra or Tuvar Dal Ni Kichadi in Gujarat, considered as complete protein diet.

4.Southe Indian Dish, Sambhar, made from Tuvar Dal is very famous accompaniment for Idli and Dosa.

5.Dal Bati in Rajasthan is very famous for its taste and as a traditional food. The dal is always made from Tuvar dal or sometimes mixed with other Dals.

1.Tuvar Dal can be stored for long time like 1 year.

2.It can be stored in covered bin or airtight container, in cool and dry place.

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