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Headlines All Over the World: The Fear of Fat Was a Mistake from the Beginning

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

The advice from the 1980's about avoiding butter lacked evidence. The entire Western world received dietary guidelines that had never been shown to do any good.

This may be old news for the regular reader here, but now the knowledge is spreading faster and faster around the world.

A new scientific review shows that the advice completely lacked evidence of any benefit when it was first introduced. This hit the big headlines around the world yesterday:

The old fear of fat is dying out. Those who are still afraid of natural fat today haven't yet managed to update their knowledge. Unfortunately, this includes quite a few older experts who govern our official dietary guidelines.

Getting over the fear of fat is absolutely necessary to return to honest, real food, which is needed to get away from calorie obsession and starvation dieting. It's necessary to turn round the epidemics of obesity and diabetes and other related disorders. It is necessary and it can't wait.

Fortunately, repeated headlines like these show that the Food Revolution continues, all around the world.


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