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He Hates America So It's a Pity They Voted Him in as President

By Davidduff

Prior to his first election and during the first year or so I was fairly neutral concerning Barack Obama, not least because I, and just about everyone else, knew next to nothing about him.  However, as time went on I became more and more alarmed.  It has been obvious that Obama has conducted a very clever political operation which has maintained his pose as a leader loftily above mere detail whilst quietly surrounded himself with almost anonymous apparatchiks who in various areas have contrived to drive through policies aimed at changing America forever.  Thus today we see organs of the State, normally assumed to be politically neutral, being bent to partisan actions many of which are outrageously illegal and the fact that the Department of Justice(?) has been so subverted that it takes no action is simply one of the more egregious examples of moral corruption at the center of the Great Republic.

In the past few weeks it has become clear that the American government is not prepared to defend its frontiers, at least, the southern frontier.  In just a few weeks, with the connivance of the Obama regime, tens of thousands of central American children plus the usual number of adults have simply walked into Texas and Oklahoma.  Obama's response has not been to call out the National Guard and simply shut down the border, instead, he is demanding that Congress cough up $3.7bn to pay for care homes for these children as they are 'processed'.  Of course, there will be no normal processing, they will eventually be granted a green card and allowed to stay.  In time they will take American citizenship and, this being the crucial factor for the socialist Democrat party, they and their families as they grow up will resolutely vote Democrat in every election!

My e-pal, Whitewall who comments here regularly, writes fondly of the Anglosphere, a concept with which I have much sympathy provided one does not invest it with more than sentimental attachments.  However, the demographics of America already point to a huge Hispanic population possibly destined to be a majority - particularly if the southern borders are, in effect, wide open.  The largest member of the Anglosphere is about to drop out!

Commentators with far more knowledge and experience than me have already pointed to the flimsy nature of what passes for American foreign policy.  Almost from the start Obama spent his time apologising to sundry dictators around the world whilst simultaneously showing his disdain for old allies - and I don't just mean Britain.  For most of my life 'sophisticated' cosmopolitans have deplored the sight of America blundering hither and thither round the globe allegedly in defence of democracy but with barely concealed national interest playing its part.  And, yes, sometimes it was both clumsy and bloody, that's just the way great powers operate, but on the whole I believe the post-war world has developed better than if the USA had simply retreated into 'Fortress America' as it did in the inter-war years.  Anyway, we are now approaching a post-American world which will last for at least half a century, probably more.  And so, to all those Leftie sophisticates I can only say, 'howja like them apples?


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