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HAWMC - Pinterest Boards

By Wendiw80 @asouthernyogi
Today's Challenge -
Pinboard. Create a pinterest board for your health focus. Pin 3 things. What did you pin? Share the images in a post and explain why you chose them.
I really already have a Pinterest board like this so it should be easy!
HAWMC - Pinterest BoardsPinned via Beth @ Unskinny Bop via Purpose Fairy
I pinned this because I think that we constantly chase certain things thinking they will make us happy and this article reminds us that our happiness is here, right now. 
HAWMC - Pinterest BoardsPinned via Jane G via Black Tie Tumblr
You need people in your life that are going to build you up, not tear up down
HAWMC - Pinterest BoardsPinned via Caryn S via Carrie Can
I need to be myself even if it isn't always valued/status quo/popular - see the pin above
HAWMC - Pinterest BoardsPinned via Amy Quinn via Easy Influence Tumblr
Because Marilyn Monroe's body is beautiful and she'd be considered plus size today. That is ridiculous. 
HAWMC - Pinterest BoardsPinned via Luvey Luv via Meditation Temptation Tumblr
Think Positive!!
Really I have a lot more but I figured this gives you an overview. My health focus - love yourself and the rest will come. 
Namaste Y'all 

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