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Have You Already Checked Your Vision?

Posted on the 23 September 2014 by Opticalh @OpticalH


Visits to eye doctor are compulsory dates in our calendar, at least, once year. A revision that many Spanish people forget and, it could mean a quick solution for any person who suffers a visually impediment. In fact, there are some symptoms which we can detect on time and correct as soon as possible and get one’s eyesight back.

When a person suffers a visually impediment, he or she tends to force this fault, getting used to the eye to see blurry. Furthermore, the effort for seeing is higher and this can produce headache, frustration, eye redness and fatigue.


Low vision is due to an important degeneration about vision or, literally, a vision field reduction. We are talking about low vision when this degeneration restricts daily activities of a person.

Visually impediments can have several origins: DMAE at a certain age; cataract, general or partial opactiy on crystalline; glaucoma, pathological increase of intraocular pressure; diabetes; retinosis, progressive degeneration of light sensitivity…Moreover, it is possible to suffer a low vision at any age. Although, it is usually an eye disease that appears in older population.

In this sense, there is a series of symptoms that people show as a need for visual support (eyeglasses or contact lenses). Some factors of low vision are divided between two groups:

  • Central vision affected: It complicates reading, writing, carrying out precision work, making out colors or recognise faces. DMAE and retinosis are the main causes.
  • Side vision affected: Vision field is reduced as if we were watching through a tunnel. Also, this variation complicated movements. Glaucoma and retinosis are some examples of it.

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