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Have a Healthy Heart & Soul

Posted on the 07 March 2013 by Goinggoinggreenca @GoingGoingGreen


You only have one heart. Look after it. Heart failure is the #1 killer in North America. Often the first sign of a heart problem is when the person collapses and dies. As we all know, prevention is better than cure. Pulse-8 is for the heart, arteries and muscles. Pulse-8 keeps them all supple and unblocked, preventing hardening and complications.

FrequenSea feeds your cells, and when your cells are healthy, your body is able to combat whatever comes along.

Heart & Soul Packs: Each pack will have a coupon worth $100.00 for a bottle of PURE 3000 mg (the first time 3000 mg PhytoPlankton available).
More info about these life changing products & their natural ingredients, can be found by clicking HERE.

Here’s a recorded Wellness Wednesday conference call about the Power of the Heart and Soul Packs with Dr. Adam Saucedo. Click here to listen, now:

Contact me if you have any questions. A special thanks to my team for putting together this information. Have a Green day, Every Day =)

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