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Harkive- Kristine

Posted on the 15 July 2014 by Thatswhatsheheard @sheheardblog

So there’s this little project that’s been running for a few years looking at how we consume music, it’s called The Harkive.

In an ever changing digital landscape music consumption has drastically changed over the past 15 years: from the launch of the iPod in 2001 and the migration to streaming with services like Spotify; we no longer buy a record, play it to death and hand it down to our kids. Today we watch it on YouTube, stream it on SoundCloud, download from Bandcamp for free…. we reinvent, have 5 seconds of fame and dispose all within a few days.

Harkive wants to know what your musical day looks and sounds like and you can use the new technology to express that: instagram, youtube or maybe a boring old email. Being the founder of this here music blog you can guess how I’m doing it….blogging! So you can see below my cheesy music choices and my musical journey in one day and you can submit your own musical diary for this year up until 22nd July…enjoy!

15/07/2014- Tuesday

7am- Alarm goes off. ‘Ooh La La’ by The Wiseguys, something to dance my way out of bed.

7-7.45- Waiting for my water to heat up and eating breakfast whilst surfing Facebook. Watch a few videos including:

-one about Jessie a street busker and his impromptu jam session with some people on the street that got filmed and went viral. He’s now on the Jimmy Kimmel show :)

-watch again the video for Colbie Caillat’s song ‘Try’ which is also going viral for challenging the social ideals of make up and beauty- hells yeah! (ps I cried when I first watched this)

7.45-8.10- In the shower i get an earworm…‘Rapper’s Delight’ by The Sugarhill Gang (hearing a song in your head counts as listening to music doesn’t it?)

8.10-8.50- Getting ready for work I pop on BBC 6 music. Today Stuart Maconie sits in for Sean Keveny. Stand out tracks this morning include ‘Misirlou’ by Dick Dale, ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana and ‘Moving Pictures’ by the Stepkids.

8.50- Every Tuesday iTunes release their latest free single. This week it’s London group Jungle with ‘Julia’. Their debut album also came out today so I downloaded that from iTunes onto my phone to listen to on the way to work.

9.30-1.20- Busy at work. My day job is at a post production facility where they reversion programmes before going to air on different channels eg put in breaks, make pre and post watershed versions etc. So my morning is pretty quiet music wise apart from the odd theme tune here and there. This morning I heard snippets of ‘Terry and June’, ‘Ripper Street’ and ‘Ghost Adventures‘ to name a few.

1.20-2.20- Lunch time! Went to eat out with some colleagues today and low behold there’s music in the place that we went to. The ones I can remember hearing are ‘Rather Be’ by Clean Bandit (we reviewed them a couple of weeks ago), ‘Wiggle’ by Jason Derulo feat. Snoop Dogg and ‘Sing’ by Ed Sheeran (he sounds very much like JT when he first went solo!)

2.20-5.30- Back to work but this time I can pop my headphones in and listen to some music so back to Jungle for a bit! My manager was in reports mode so on to Spotify for her and a colleague of mine was listening to podcasts.

6.30- Running time and have stuck to Jungle, their music has got me excited and I haven’t been excited about anything in particular for a while!

8.30- Blogging time on the computer, I need to regularly filter through submissions and log them to dish out to the writers. Stand outs from tonight’s filter through include: Stereoma, Dagny, D.Nicks, The GTW,The Penguin Party- All on different platforms- I have apps and saved links for every single one on my phone…there’s just too much music out there.

Oh and I listened to this too…love comedy covers

And that was today! However I do own some vinyls, I still have a Casette walkman and a cd walkman. I am an avid consumer of music in all it’s forms, old and new, digital and analogue: I really have no preference to platform as long as I like it!


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