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Happy Thanksgiving!!

By Literaryexploration @Lit_Explorer

Happy Thanksgiving!!Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! 
(at least all of you in the US!)
I just wanted to take today to tell all of you awesome followers how great you are! I know I sometimes slack on my posts, or life takes over, or I stress out on Twitter, but you're all there for me when I need you! You post fabulously supportive comments, you send wonderful gifts out of the goodness of your hearts, and you share my words with your friends. Sometimes life gets a little hectic, or you feel out of control, but since I started blogging I've felt a great sense of accomplishment with every comment I receive or every time someone new starts following. I know sometimes I don't have time to comment back or let you know how much I appreciate you, but I really do!! It means so much to know you're out there listening to little old me! You are fabulous, and I love you all!
I'm also so ridiculously thankful for all the great bloggers I've met since I started blogging! I don't have many bookish people in my life, and you are all wonderful for having such a passion for books. I've made so many close friends in such a short time and it never ceases to amaze me how close the blogging community really is. Everyone is fabulous and welcoming and incredibly supportive. I don't know how many times I've emailed fellow bloggers asking ridiculously newbish questions, and no one has ever said anything disrespectful or rude about it! They're all there to help, and I so appreciate it!
You're all wondeful, the entire bookish community is a fabulous group of people and I just want to say thank you a million times to all of you!

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