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Happy Feet with Sally Hansen ' s Pedicure in a Minute :)

By Khaddu @LilMPerfect
Hey you guys :) !!
How are we doing today :) ?? Am just sad its only going to be Tuesday tomorrow :( :( !! I wish the weekend had more days :( !
So , today we will talk about another of my "junk " buys : Sally Hansen ' s Pedicure in a minute :) ! Ok, it is a GREAT product , but the reason I called it junk is * no offense Sally :) * is cause its another of those products which I mindlessly bought . I think my future husband is going to have a really tough time keeping up with me :P . Its always like , " oooh this tube looks good " or "yaay this smells good " and am already at the billing counter ... sold !! So , that's exactly why I bought this in Abu Dhabi about a year back cos ahem ... it looks good man !! :) ;) . But , it turned out to be one of those products that you never will get over :) !
Here , have a look :) : 
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