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Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year!

By Yukaeshi @yukaeshi

Wishing all Beaute Fabuleuse readers a happy and prosperous Chinese/lunar new year, which begins on the 10th February! It’s the year of the Water SnakeGui Si.

CNY 2013

Image nicked from here. 

May the year keep getting better for those who are already having a great one, and may it get better for those who were having a mediocre one :) Am full of anticipation for the year ahead (Even though astrologically the energies of the year have already started to enter quite some time ago, culminating on 4th February)- I believe that things will only get better, and I shall of course work to make it so! :D

Am spending my new year’s here in Labuan – even though the office is effectively closed during the holidays, there’s no holidays for us bar our employees/colleagues as we would still be working! Such is our work line :P I won’t be back in K.L. until the 23rd February and hopefully I will get a short breather then.

In the mean time, have fun for those who are having holidays, but for those who aren’t, may this “new start” (As the Chinese believe- since it’s considered the start of spring) bring positive things in your life! :)

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