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Happy Birthday to Me!

By Littlebird @LittleBird_Blog
It's my 17th(!) birthday today! Wow!
I may do a little birthday haul but tbh, don't ask for things (so its money or they guess, and they get it spot on all the time!) because its so close to Christmas + obvs I have asked for a lot of things and i would rather people not spend money on me, 'its only a normal day, it just has a label' as i said to my boyfriend who then said 'exactly, it makes it that little bit special then...' -.- men. + also, i really haven't been looking forward to my birthday, I've had the 'birthday blues' i guess you can call it, or 'winter blues' for all whom my not have a single bobs uncle (clue) what I'm on about! And I've been feeling really down and like, ugh i cba to do anything today :( oh well, roll on the 'summer' (term used lightly, VERY lightly. Lovely English weather, ay chaps? NAWWWWWT)
But yes, all in all i have enjoyed my day other than my sister-in-law fell face first down the stairs this morning at my house resulting in a cut and a black eye and also a upside down nephew whom hand she was holding at the time, but don't worry guys they are both fine, sister-in-law had a few good bruises and a nice black eye, but my nephew was unhurt, just very shocked! But other than that i had a McDonald's this morning, skipped college too look after my sister-in-law (she couldn't drive back home) and fell to sleep on the sofa, ate a LOVELY Indian take-away + seen my boyfriend for some nice cuddles and kisses. And also got some lovely presents that i am VERY thankful for and have cheered me up a little :)
Hope you have had a lovely day, would you like a birthday haul?
Much love x

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