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Hand Care :)

By Priyamaaya @maaya_vpriya

Hand care :)
Hey guys !!
 Soo finally i'm launching this "**Daily Tips **" page . Let's start with Hand care today :).As every one, especially girls strive for having smooth and moisturized hands.Mostly every one prefer going to parlours rite but spending so much of money in spas may not be possible every time.And home remedies gives the same difference as spas or even more than that really. Here comes the (DIY)home remedies for having beautiful hands :
  • Take some organic sugar and add one table spoon of honey to it . Now mix it and apply it to your hands. massage it for 10 minutes ( 5 min for 1 hand ) .Do not put excess pressure on your skin or else u might get some irritation. Wash it off with cold water. you will feel a great difference after that :)
  • Take some (creamy surface on the milk ) i don remember what do we call it.But i think u understood. Add 4 drops of glycerin and mix it apply it to your hands .Leave it for half n hour.Now wash it off and thats it . Wat else , : / :\ :|
Okay  challo,try it and share your experiences with me  :)I'll be waiting for u :))))
Luv u all xoxo 
Hand care :)
Hand care :)

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