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By Khourianya @khourianya
Sheesh - it wouldn't be Halloween at our house without at least one adventure, right?
Well, last night the award went to our already stupid commute from hell.  We were so on the ball at the start of it.  I managed to pick up the girls, gas up the truck and be at the train station to get hubby by 5:01!  A new world record.  By 5:10, we were on the road.
And then we got to Anderson and Acadia.  And stopped for an hour. With 2 excited four year olds in the back seat.  One of whom kept singing classical music from Little Einsteins over and over again.
Yeah - you read that right. What should have been a drive of under a half an hour took nearly an hour and 45 mins to do.  If we had've just had their costumes in the car, I would have dressed them up and just trick or treated in Calgary.
After getting increasingly frustrated with the state of both lanes of traffic, I finally decided that the northbound lane was moving slightly faster so took it.  We were almost home when the news of the accident started to hit twitter.  Multi car pileup on SB Deerfoot.  Otherwise known as pure stinking stupid hell.  We didn't end up getting home until after 7.
Since our block tends to shut down by 8, we had to get ready and get out there FAST! Hubby fielded the trick or treaters as they rushed to descend on us and I quickly assembled my own costume while adjusting the girls costumes...
By 7:20 we were out the door. We were so lucky that it wasn't cold like last year.  Just a couple of extra layers on the girlies was enough to ensure they'd be warm enough.


LOL - my little mimic.  I didn't see her doing that until I saw the photo later.

I had managed to find sparkly shoes for the girlies on my lunch break and then had an epiphany that if I could get a kink out of the wire in my light up tutu, it might just make Buggie more visible in her mostly black ladybug costume.  So, after stabbing myself 47 times with the steel safety pins I bought for the purpose - it almost fit her.
As we started around the block, houses were already starting to go black.  But the girlies were excited to see everyone's decorations and show off their costumes.


My iPhone was a big hit with kids and parents alike.  A few too many people kept trying to buy apps, though...on the bright side, at least no one was aiming for the start button ;)  We hit all of the houses on our block that were still open and then headed for home.


Hubby apparently dressed as a corporate guy for halloween
(he was so happy to finally get out of his suit when we got there.)

When we got home, we hoisted the candy bags out of reach

and sat down for a halloweenish dinner of Veggie Mummy Dogs and spiderweb ketchup dip.  My dip did NOT look like the one on Pinterest, but the dogs were good.

And then we closed up shop and all of us fell into bed exhausted.  Well, the kiddos did - hubby and I sorted their candy and decided what they could keep and what had to go.  After all - who saves their stale Easter candy to hand out at Halloween?  Really?  (True story - so gross)
Sure it was hectic for such a short time of festivity, but man was it fun.  I guess that's why we put ourselves through it over and over again.

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