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Halloween Memories

By Nancy Bell @nancyfancyfree

This past weekend was one of my favorite holidays, Halloween.  I love decorating the house with spooky decorations and getting the candy ready for trick-o-treater’s.  My kids are grown and have been doing their own thing on Halloween for years, but there is something about Halloween that brings back so many happy memories.
This year I found a few cute DIY projects to decorate the house.  I have been feeling crafty so I made these easy decorations
•    Hanging Ghosts- On a few Styrofoam balls I drew big black eyes with a Sharpe and hung cheesecloth over the balls.  I shredded the cheesecloth at the bottom to give them a scary look and hung them with fishing line from the porch.  They looked great!


•    Pumpkin Vases- These vases looked so much better than I thought they were going to.  I just carved pumpkins out…and saved the seeds for a snack :) …sprayed some sparkle pant on the outside and made a nice little flower arrangement inside of it.  It was a good alternative to carving.


•    Spooky Mason Jars- These were very easy to make.  I had a few extra mason jars laying around the house.  I decorated the jars with cloth and googley eyes to create, pumpkin faces, mommy faces, and spooky faces.  Then I put an electronic tea light in the jar and put them along our front door.  It made our entrance look so festive!


On Saturday when the trick-o-treater’s came around I couldn’t help but miss the good old days when the kids were young.  There is just something about this time of the year; I don’t know if it is the warmth of the season, remembering the kids fall activities, carving pumpkins, or all the memories of fall with young children.
When Clara and Bobby were young we always used to match their costumes for trick-or-treating.  They hate us for it now, but it was so cute back then.  To make it even better, I used to make some of their costumes…needless to say they would not be “Pinterest worthy” by today’s standards. :)
I am so blessed to have had such great kids and had so many great times with them.  This weekend brought back so many great memories.  I am proud of myself for focusing on the positive and not letting myself get sad about them not being here.  I was able to Skype Bobby AND Clara this weekend and show them our decorated house.
I am making steps in the right direction.  Maybe this whole empty nest thing isn’t that bad! :)

Hope you all had a spook-tacular Halloween!


Until next time,

Halloween Memories

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