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Halford's First Motoring Workshop for Women

By Thindes78
Halford's First Motoring Workshop for Women
I am completely guilty at avoiding to check or doing anything with my car and instead I get my hubby to do it for me. We have two cars, hubby drives his company car, whilst I drive the family car.  And, I would love to be more confident in knowing what, where and how to check and maintain the car - the basics. 

I've ran out of oil before, to which I only knew as I told hubby the car was overheating. I've even ran out of petrol before and didn't realize why the car wouldn't start until the AA guy told me (embarrassing moment that was), and I run out of screen washer often - It's safe to say, I am useless when it comes to the car.

But I am not the only one. A recent study by Halford's found that more than three-quarters of women (77%) don’t check their cars themselves for winter, with a third (32%) not knowing how. When it comes to oil, 21% of women didn’t know how to identify if oil is low, and a third (29%) not knowing which oil is right for their car. 

I didn't even realize that you had to consider buying the right type oil for your car.
When Halford's got the results from their research, they knew there was something they could do for their customers to help them feel more confident when it comes to maintaining and checking their car. Thus, they have teamed up with motoring star and supermodel Jodie Kidd with the aim to encouraging women to become motoring savvy. 
Jodie Kidd said, “My love of cars and driving is no secret, and over my years of racing I’ve learnt the mechanics of a car – I think it is so important for women to know how to maintain their cars and to understand what’s going on beneath the bonnet.”

And, with this new collaboration, Halford's have launched a free Women’s Winter Motor Workshops. They are trialling the free workshops, worth £10, as a one-off session in 420 of its stores on the evening of Monday, 12 October

If you would like to learn how to check the oil, wiper blades and lights, along with expert advice and tips on the basic maintenance during the winter months, please visit here, to book your free spot.

“Our workshops are aimed at women who want to know more about the basics of car maintenance ahead of winter, when cars take more strain with colder weather and driving conditions can become more hazardous.”

Halford's also holds free Kids’ Bike Workshops, which have been attended by 62,000 children and their parents, as well as free Women’s Bike Workshops which were attended by 2,500 women.

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