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Hair Styles for Different Occasions

By Thindes78

Men and women’s fashion has always encompassed the fashionable hairstyle to go with clothes or to project a particular look. Our natural will to look good nearly always starts with our body, and it is our hair that is one of the most important aspects of this natural feel good factor. Today there are so many different hairstyles out there that we can now choose a style that will suit any particular occasion. Hair Styles for Different OccasionsParty HairstylesIt all depends on the party you are going to! The most daring hairstyles tend be tried and tested when we go to parties that we probably won’t see our friends at. This is because you don’t want people to constantly mention your new hair style. It is for this reason we are more daring with our hairstyles at parties where we’ll meet new people. Work HairstylesWhen we go to work, we generally try to look more conservative. However, this also depends on the type of job you have. If you work in a bank, you are probably not going to sport a punk rocker hairstyle and get away with it. For those that work on machines, they are probably not going gel or perm their hair and look perfect for the occasion, because the chances are their efforts will be wasted!Casino HairstylesThe reason this category gets a mention is because it comes somewhere in between party hairstyles and work hairstyles. Most people will be a little more outrageous when they go to the casinobecause there is plenty of competition and generally most of their friends won’t be there to give the game away by complimenting someone on their new hairstyle – after all we all want everyone to think we always look this good!Casino visits are also a great way to test out a party hairstyle before actually sporting the new style to an up and coming party. Plus, it is even a great excuse for men to try something different or smarter than usual to see if they can get away with it.
Sports HairstylesFor those that will do away with the cap or hat in their favorite sport, the sporting hairstyle is still an important look. Tied back hair is probably the most common for women, whereas for men, just a brush back of the hair can still look smart. Back to women, and braids also seem to be very popular nowadays for women. The braids tend not to be as fidgety as having standard straight or permed hair, but only really work for those that play regularly, and who can keep the braids looking smart after their energetic activities.  
Hair Styles for Different OccasionsMorning HairstylesThis is probably one of the most difficult categories. Men can get away with it by simply shaving their hair, but for women it is a case of wanting to still look good when they sleep and when they wake up. Again, a good look for women nowadays tends to be the braid look as she can go to sleep and wake up with relatively the same style with only a few split ends to deal with.
Wigs and Short HairWigs are becoming more and more popular. Most women are buying wigs made of real hair for that ultimate natural look. They can’t exactly be used for women that play sport, but it gives sports women a chance to revert to short hair for sport and back to the wig after they have finished. Short hair also works well at work for a more conservative and some would even say professional look.  In addition, short hair takes little effort to style in the morning. Away from sport or work, the wig can come on.  At parties women can choose any color or style they want, be it a party with friends or a party with strangers without having to book a slot at the local hairstylists. You can also visit the casino, go to dinner or visit the family armed with a wardrobe of hair that gives an array of choice.
Hair Styles for Different OccasionsThe Winning HairstylesThe winner for women right now is clearly the wig with short hair underneath. It is flexible, cheap to maintain in the long run and still gives the office working women a professional look. It works for those women that play sports or work on machines by giving them an option to have short hair. Plus, with little effort to re-style short hair, short hair is the perfect wake up hairstyle. 

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