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Guideline for a Simple Skincare Routine for Beginners Part 2

By Makeuppedia @shruthi2588
Welcome to part 2 of my skincare routine guideline. While morning routine is to hydrate and protect, night time routine is to treat and repair.Here is what my current night time routine looks like.Guideline for a simple skincare routine for beginners Part 2
DOUBLE CLEANSING Cleansing during night is important. Any makeup or sunscreen that we apply during the day along with the natural oils secreted by the skin, needs to be removed. This is where double cleansing comes into play. Double cleansing is, you cleanse the skin twice. Once with an oil based cleanser (that goes on as oil on dry skin, but emulsifies on contact with water) and then with a low pH water based cleanser. The oil in the oil based cleanser removes all the makeup, sunscreen, any dirt or oil that may have been accumulated during the day. Once all the makeup and dirt has been emulsified with water, the water based cleanser (second cleanser) removes any remaining oil residue and completely cleanses the skin and makes it ready for treatments. A few affordable oil-based cleansersThe inkey list oat cleansing balmClinique take the day off cleansing balmL'occitane shea cleansing oilSimple hydrating cleansing oilThere are quite a few cleansing oils in the drugstore. Please do not spend a lot on cleansers in general. They cleanse the skin and go down the drain eventually.As for the second cleanse, you can use your morning cleansers here. 
TREATMENTSSecond step is to apply night treatments such as an acid, or vitamin A (retinol). Now is the time to incorporate photo-sensitive ingredients or acids that improve cell turn over and reveal new skin. Actives such as retinols (vitamin A), AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids), BHA's (beta hydroxy acids) etc. are better to use at night. Here are two articles about why it is better to use certain actives at night.Depending on what your skin concerns are, you can choose to start with an AHA/BHA or retinol or alternate both.Some retinol product recommendationsThe ordinary 0.2% in squalaneThe ordinary 0.5% in squalaneThe ordinary granactive retinoid 2% emulsionThe inkey list retinol anti-aging serumDrunk elephant A-Passioni retinol cream
AHA product recommendationsThe ordinary glycolic acid 7% toning solutionThe inkey list glycolic acid exfoliating tonerKrave beauty Kale-Lalu-Yah
BHA product recommendationsPaula's choice 2% BHA liquid exfoliantCosRX BHA blackhead power liquidThe ordinary 2% salicylic acid solution
MOISTURIZERAnd you can finish your routine with a moisturizer.You could use the same moisturizer that use in your AM routine or you could go for a thicker, more nourishing night-time moisturizer depending on your skin type. Some recommendationsCerave skin renewing night creamNeutrogena hydro-boost gel creamBurt's bees night cream intense hydrationStratia liquid gold (my personal fav)Krave beauty Oat so simple water cream
I know it can sound confusing or complicated. But once you pick your products and start doing your routines, you will see that it is not that complicated or time consuming.If you have any questions about any of the steps, please let me know.

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