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Guess What!!!

By Wendiw80 @asouthernyogi
Someone made an offer on our house!! So exciting...
Here are the things -
1 - I am nervous about negotiating and what they will pay and just the whole process
2 - I am nervous it won't happen -
3 - We have to find a house. And quickly
4 - or... we'll be living with my parents
They offered very low but I think that's the market right now, so we are obviously going to counter offer. I feel like I am in an episode of My First Place. I can feel myself getting super excited which I think is okay but I'm trying not to let my emotions fuel my decisions. So i'm just hoping that we can agree on something and it can go smoothly.
I should be used to negotiating and waiting on deals because I'm an all commission sales rep and my livelihood depends on this stuff.
We have found a couple of houses that we like, actually, we've found a TON of houses that we like. But we have to go through the whole financing process and closing and blah blah so that's always a time consumer and these people want to move fast. So...
Either way, I'm excited, I hope it works out. The idea of a bigger house, especially if we can get in the location I'm looking, is so awesome!!!!!! Maybe we can actually entertain people!!!!

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