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Gropings and Saturations! By Annabelle Crawford

By Alexxmomcat @MomCat_Reviews
Gropings and saturations! Ahem. Hi, everybody! I'm AnnabelleCrawford, (new, up & coming star of the sensual erotica genre) and glad tomeetcha! I'm so new to this whole process. I have a blog page where I'm sharinglittle tidbits from my current work in progress & hints at what is to come.And a little information about me.
I do hope you'll stop by over there as well. But Alexx hasgenerously offered to let me show off a little of me here. (Let's see, lips orfeet?) I have been writing for 31 years. Obviously, the writing has, ahem,matured, shall we say?
Gropings and saturations! By Annabelle CrawfordI have always had a fascination for vampires. (Sorry.Cliche, I know.) There's just always been something so sensual, so sexual, socharismatic about them! Waiting is my current WIP, and it all started about 19years ago while watching a certain vampire movie. Remember that scene wherethey're in his chapel & she's looking up at this beautiful fresco of thetwo of them from 800 years ago? Yeah. That's what started all of this.
Now, don't get me wrong. This is NOT a retelling ofDracula's story. (Although, he does play a little part in the book.) Rather, itis a telling of an epic romance, spanning centuries, and supported by theimmortality of the vampire.
And, be forewarned, I'm not doing any of this "the wayyou're supposed to do it!" I don't have an outline. I don't know how manychapters the book will have. I don't know how many pages it will have. And Idon't know when I'll be done writing it. Strike that. I'll be done writing itwhen the story is told.
My characters are constantly surprising me - doing or sayingthings that I would not have imagined them doing! For example, Dafyd has justdecided that he's going to America! I didn't think I was ready for him to go toAmerica yet! But, there you have it!
Waiting follows Dafyd through about 600 years of searchingfor his one, his Elizaveta, his Bethan. Each time she is reincarnated, theirblood calls to each other & he must find her, with the intent of beginningagain their happily ever after. Won't you join us & see what happens toprevent this? And all of the adventures that happen along the way?

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